Keter Oakland Durable Plastic Shed 7.5 x 11 ft Price: £1,499.99 (as of 24/05/2022 10:24 PST- Details)

External dimensions: 90.2in w x 137.8in D x 95.3in H / Internal dimensions: 79.1in w x 127.6in D x 90.6in H
Super rugged and durable with a double wall structure, tongue in groove construction, and steel reinforcement
The innovative DUOTECH walls give it a gorgeous weathered wooden texture with all the durability of resin


Keter Oakland Durable Plastic Shed 7.5 x 11 Outdoor Duotech Storage Shed, Paintable with Two Windows and a Skylight

Keter Oakland 7.5 x 11 Features

Keter Oakland Durable Plastic Shed 7.5 x 11 is super rugged and durable with a double wall structure, tongue in groove construction, and steel reinforcement

External dimensions: 90.2in w x 137.8in D x 95.3in H / Internal dimensions: 79.1in w x 127.6in D x 90.6in H
The innovative DUOTECH walls give it a gorgeous weathered wooden texture with all the durability of resin
SkyLight and 2 victorian style windows with multiple placement options
Resin texture readily accepts paint to match your style

I want to give as detailed of a review as possible so I can help anyone else considering purchasing this shed. I purchased this 7.5 x 11 foot shed for a total of $1322 including tax and free shipping. It must have been on sale on Amazon because the price has now gone up to over $1800, and to be honest I probably would have looked at other options at that price point, so keep that in mind with this review. Ordering and Delivery: I ordered and paid for the item through amazon on 26Apr2018 and scheduled a delivery date on the Amazon website of Saturday 19May2018, which I believe was the earliest weekend I could select. I received an email on 02May2018 from the local company delivering the shed to schedule an actual delivery date, completely independent of the one I selected on amazon. The local delivery company was able to deliver the shed 3 days later on 05May2018, so an entire 2 weeks prior to my initial Amazon delivery date selection. This shed is shipped in three separate boxes, each of them roughly about 1’ x 4’ x 7’ and in total weighing hundreds of pounds, so moving them with just one person is very challenging. The delivery company carried them to my backyard, and I opened them and separated the pieces from there. Building a Platform: After I ordered the shed, I began constructing a platform. Do not skip this step, as tempting as it is to save $200, you will later regret not assembling this shed on a platform. I leveled my yard with filling dirt which I watered and tampered for days to make sure I had a solid foundation. I then constructed an 8’ x 12’ platform using several 2” x 6” x 8’ and two 2” x 6” x 12’ lumber (Pressure treated for ground contact). Each 8’ board was spaced 16” apart, and perpendicular supports were added through the center of the frame. The frame was topped with three 4’ x 8’ pieces of plywood (Pressure treated for ground contact) and once the platform was leveled, the shed was ready to build on top. For minor leveling adjustments I did read using spare roof shingles in the corners works well, but I did not need to do this step fortunately. Constructing the Shed: I did as much initial prep as possible myself before inviting my friend over to help. I separated out all of the pieces around my yard and leaned everything up around my fence for easy view and access. I spent around 30 minutes unboxing and organizing all the pieces. I then went through the manual and began building ALL the parts that I could do myself (the floor, the roof bars, the windows, the roof panels that connect together, etc.). Total this took around 2.5 hours doing this myself. My friend came over and we began constructing all of the parts the parts that require two people. Most of these steps are more about just having someone hold a piece while you put some screws in it, nothing is terribly heavy. We finished the shed in about 4 hours together at a casual pace, so TOTAL time it took me about 6.5 hours from start to finish, 4 of which involved a helping friend. Pros of assembling the shed: Every piece was well marked and included in the kit. Nothing was missing, and there are additional screws, fittings, clips, etc. in case you manage to lose or strip a few here and there. For the most part everything goes together well. The engineering is very efficient on this thing, so kudos to whoever designed all the parts. It’s like assembling a big LEGO set for adults, and I actually had fun putting most of it together. Almost all of the pieces are designed in a way that makes it hard to screw up, no pun intended. The only real decision you need to make is where to put the windows, so other than that just follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go. Cons of assembling the shed: There were a couple times where I was worried there was going to be an issue. The wall boards show very specifically in the instructions to make sure the tops are level, but there was some variation in the wall heights between boards that did not allow for a flushed level between several of them. Once the roof was on, that was totally okay though, since they are then hidden and do not affect anything. The only challenge we experienced was connecting all of the roof pieces together and making sure they are all lined up before trying to screw them together. It took a big of adjusting, pushing, and pulling, but eventually everything lined up and was screwed together fine. There was only one issue we had where a part was completely totaled. When you go to assemble the doors, there are 4 metal bars that go up through the door panels. It is one of the very last steps to assembling this thing. When we screwed the bars to the frame, we managed to snap almost every single screw fitting without using any excessive force. Because of this, only 1 of the 4 support beams in the door is functioning properly which are there for door stability/security purposes, and do not affect the support structure of the actual shed. To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed in this, and am going to try and figure out some sort of solution, and possibly reach out to the manufacturer. That being said, it’s not enough to dock a star, but it does give me a little bit of concern about how secure the doors will be in the unlikely event that someone would try to break into the shed. Overall Experience: All in all I am happy with the shed and feel it is as described so far. I haven’t gone through any serious weather conditions, and have no idea how it will hold up over time. Keep in mind, this is a plastic shed that I paid around $1300 for. It is sturdy, spacious, and looks attractive for the cost. I feel like this style looks much better than the playschool toy looking sheds offered by similar companies, and I did choose this particular shed largely based on looks but also due to its online reputation in quality. If anything changes I will revisit this review and update, but for now, I am a happy customer! **UPDATE** 12Jun2018 - I reached out to Keter customer service about the door bar issue and they sent me two new replacement doors free of charge, no questions asked, that arrived about 2 weeks after contacting them. I'd call that pretty excellent customer service!


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