Keter Shed 4×3 Price: £439.89 (as of 29/06/2022 16:26 PST- Details)


Keter Shed 4x3 Manor Outdoor Storage

Keter Shed 4x3 Modular polypropylene cottage suitable as storage closet, ideal for all spaces.

Highly compact and durable, the Manor 4x3 brings a neat storage solution to your tightest spaces, especially niches between house and fence. It features weather-resistant, double-wall construction and a floor panel that keeps your stored items clean and dry. This shed is ventilated for safety, lockable for security and easily assembled using household tools.

Excellent insulation from external conditions with ventilation grille.

The Manor 4x3 house requires no maintenance, flooring is included and is very easy to assemble.

Package dimensions: 200 x 113 x h. 15,80 cm
Product dimensions: 128 x 94 x h. 196 cm
Surface area: 1.1 m2

Took about 2 hours to erect but once up its looks great. My only issue is the glasp on the outside of door to put a padlock on can be taken off from the outside if someone had a screwdriver with them so not secure in that repect but even if screws weren't able to be taken out someone only has to cut through the padlock. my point is if someone wants to break in they will find a way, but nice shed..........


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