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GARDENA Bypass Pruning Lopper with Integrated Gearing

Gardena Lopper with Integrated Gearing and EnergyCut for Bypass Pruning. This pruning lopper’s superior carbon steel blades cut through stems and branches with ease. Bypass cutting minimises plant damage by ensuring precise and streamlined cuts. The integrated gearing system gives you more leverage, which lowers your cutting effort and enables you to handle thicker branches with easily.

Through the use of its razor-sharp blades, bypass cutting system, and integrated gearing system, clean, precise cuts are made with little effort. Customers value the performance, ergonomic design, and convenience of use that this pruning lopper offers, notwithstanding potential restrictions with regard to very thick branches.



GARDENA Bypass Pruning Lopper with Integrated Gearing


GARDENA Bypass Pruning Lopper with Integrated Gearing EnergyCut 750 B Pruning Lopper: Designed for Challenging Cutting Tasks Using the Bypass Principle (12007-20).

The Bypass Pruning Lopper with Integrated Gearing is a professional-grade tool designed to make pruning tasks easier and more efficient. With its durable construction and innovative gearing system, this lopper delivers precise and clean cuts for your gardening needs.

Equipped with high-quality carbon steel blades, this pruning lopper effortlessly cuts through branches and stems. The bypass cutting mechanism ensures clean and smooth cuts, minimizing damage to plants. The integrated gearing system provides increased leverage, reducing the effort required for cutting and allowing you to tackle thicker branches with ease.

The ergonomic design of this lopper ensures comfortable and secure handling during use. The non-slip grips provide a firm hold and reduce fatigue, allowing for prolonged pruning sessions. The lightweight construction further enhances maneuverability and control, making it suitable for both professional landscapers and gardening enthusiasts.

Customers Reviews

Customers who have purchased the Bypass Pruning Lopper with Integrated Gearing praise its performance and reliability. They appreciate the sharpness and durability of the carbon steel blades, which allow for effortless and precise cuts. The integrated gearing system receives positive feedback for its effectiveness in providing increased cutting power and reducing strain on the user.

The ergonomic design is highly valued by customers, as it ensures comfort and control during pruning tasks. The non-slip grips are praised for their ability to provide a secure hold even in wet or sweaty conditions. Customers also appreciate the lightweight construction, as it allows for easy maneuverability without sacrificing cutting power.


  • High-quality carbon steel blades for sharp and durable cutting
  • Bypass cutting mechanism for clean and smooth cuts
  • Integrated gearing system for increased cutting power
  • Ergonomic design with non-slip grips for comfortable and secure handling
  • Lightweight construction for easy maneuverability
  • Suitable for both professional and amateur gardeners



  • May be less suitable for extremely thick or hardwood branches
  • Some users may prefer a longer handle for extended reach



Tthe Bypass Pruning Lopper with Integrated Gearing is a reliable and efficient tool for pruning tasks. Its sharp blades, bypass cutting mechanism, and integrated gearing system ensure clean and precise cuts with reduced effort. While it may have limitations when it comes to very thick branches, customers appreciate the performance, ergonomic design, and ease of use provided by this pruning lopper.


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Force amplification: The integrated gearing ensures an ideal effort savings, offering up to three times as much cutting force as comparable pruning loppers
Exact cut: Two ground blades glide past each other during cutting, leaving a precise, clean cut
ErgoTec handles: Safe work thanks to aluminium lever arms and the plastic end-stop buffers make work easy on the wrists
Gentle on plants: Precision-ground blades with non-stick coating ensure precise cuts that are easy on the plants
Delivery includes: 1 x Gardena EnergyCut 750 B Pruning Lopper, 25-year Gardena warranty, made in Germany

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