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Palram Bella Greenhouse 8×12 Polycarbonate Panels

Palram Bella Greenhouse Polycarbonate Panels 8×12 An aluminium frame Plant burning is prevented by diffused sunlight and double-walled ventilation gutters on a galvanised base frame. almost impossible to break Twin-wall polycarbonate panels with a 6 mm wall thickness, a 4 mm roof thickness, and 4 mm door and window thickness regulate temperatures and shield from direct sunlight. Bell-shaped greenhouse: improves wind resistance and lets snow easily slide off.

All UV rays are completely blocked by panels. An aluminium frame Aluminium frame that is durable and resistant to corrosion. gutters, ventilation, and galvanised base frame are all included.


Palram Bella Greenhouse 8x12 Polycarbonate Panels


Palram Bella Greenhouse 8x12 Polycarbonate Panels Aluminium frame Double Walled Ventilation Gutters and Galvanised Base Frame Diffused Sunlight Stops Plant Burn.

The Palram Bella Greenhouse 8x12 with Polycarbonate Panels is a premium gardening solution that allows you to create an optimal environment for your plants. With its spacious design and durable construction, this greenhouse provides ample space for all your gardening needs.

The greenhouse features high-quality polycarbonate panels that are virtually unbreakable, providing excellent light transmission and insulation. The twin-wall panels offer UV protection, preventing harmful rays from damaging your plants while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the greenhouse.

Measuring 8x12 feet, this greenhouse offers plenty of room for a wide range of plants and allows you to maximize your gardening space. The robust aluminum frame provides strength and stability, ensuring the greenhouse can withstand various weather conditions.

The Palram Bella Greenhouse is designed with user convenience in mind. It includes a hinged door with a magnetic catch for easy access, as well as a roof vent for improved air circulation. The integrated gutter system collects rainwater, allowing you to utilize a sustainable water source for your plants.

Customers Reviews

Customers who have purchased the Palram Bella Greenhouse 8x12 with Polycarbonate Panels highly praise its quality and functionality. They appreciate the sturdy construction of the aluminum frame and the durability of the polycarbonate panels. The excellent light transmission and insulation provided by the panels receive positive feedback, as they create an optimal growing environment.

The spacious design of the greenhouse is another highlight mentioned by customers. They find it perfect for accommodating a variety of plants, from seedlings to mature specimens. The hinged door and roof vent are appreciated for their contribution to easy access and ventilation.


  • High-quality polycarbonate panels offer excellent light transmission and insulation
  • Virtually unbreakable panels with UV protection
  • Spacious 8x12 feet design for ample gardening space
  • Robust aluminum frame provides strength and stability
  • Hinged door with magnetic catch for easy access
  • Roof vent improves air circulation
  • Integrated gutter system for rainwater collection


  • Some customers may find the assembly process time-consuming
  • Additional shelving or accessories may be desired but not included



The Palram Bella Greenhouse 8x12 with Polycarbonate Panels is a top-notch gardening solution. Its high-quality materials, spacious design, and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for avid gardeners. While the assembly process may require some time and additional shelving or accessories may be desired, customers appreciate the excellent light transmission, insulation, and overall performance of this greenhouse.

Virtually unbreakable 6 mm wall and roof and 4mm door and window twin-wall polycarbonate panels maintain ideal temperatures and protect from strong sunlight exposure
Bell shaped greenhouse - allows snow to easily slide off, improves wind resistance
Panels are 100% UV protected and block harmful UV rays
Durable, rust resistant aluminium frame
Galvanized steel base included with designated holes for anchoring for additional structural stability (anchors not supplied)

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