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Palram Canopia Greenhouse with Resin Frame 8x8ft

Green High Insulation Twin Wall Polycarbonate High Impact Resistant 100% UV Protected Palram Canopia Greenhouse with Resin Frame 8 x 8 ft. Twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels that are 4 mm thick and virtually indestructible are 100% UV protected and highly impact resistant. Polycarbonate side panels that look like clear glass offer traditional design without the risk of breaking. A greater planting area and high headroom are provided by the barn shape design.


Palram Canopia Greenhouse with Resin Frame 8x8ft

Palram Canopia Greenhouse with Resin Frame 8x8ft Green High Insulation Twin Wall Polycarbonate High Impact Resistant 100% UV Protected.

The Palram Canopia Greenhouse with Resin Frame is a top-quality structure designed to help you create the perfect growing environment for your plants. With its spacious 8x8ft size and durable resin frame, this greenhouse offers ample space and protection for your gardening endeavors.

The greenhouse features a sturdy resin frame that provides excellent durability and strength. The resin material is not only lightweight but also resistant to rust, corrosion, and UV damage, ensuring long-lasting performance. The clear polycarbonate panels allow for maximum light transmission while protecting your plants from harmful UV rays.

With its generous dimensions, this greenhouse offers plenty of space for your plants to thrive. The wide double doors provide easy access, and the included roof vent ensures proper ventilation and airflow. The integrated gutters allow you to collect rainwater for irrigation purposes, promoting sustainable gardening practices.

Customers Reviews

Customers who have purchased the Palram Canopia Greenhouse with Resin Frame rave about its quality and functionality. They appreciate the spacious design, which accommodates a variety of plants and gardening activities. The durable resin frame and polycarbonate panels receive positive feedback for their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Customers also love the easy assembly process, thanks to the detailed instructions and included hardware. The greenhouse's ventilation system, including the roof vent, helps maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels for plant growth. The integrated gutters are another feature that customers find useful for water collection and irrigation.


  • Sturdy and durable resin frame for long-lasting performance
  • Clear polycarbonate panels for maximum light transmission and UV protection
  • Spacious 8x8ft size for ample growing space
  • Easy access with wide double doors
  • Roof vent for proper ventilation and airflow
  • Integrated gutters for rainwater collection and sustainable gardening


  • Some customers may find the assembly process time-consuming
  • Additional shelves or accessories may need to be purchased separately


In conclusion,

The Palram Canopia Greenhouse with Resin Frame 8x8ft is an excellent choice for gardeners seeking a reliable and spacious greenhouse. With its durable construction, ample growing space, and thoughtful features such as the roof vent and integrated gutters, this greenhouse provides an ideal environment for plant growth. While assembly may take some time, customers appreciate the overall quality and functionality of this greenhouse.


The Grand Gardener Clear features 2 kinds of virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate panels to give you the best of both worlds. Crystal-clear Polycarbonate side walls allow clear views while being ultra-safe.

Meanwhile, the Twin-Wall roof panels diffuse over 70% of sunlight for a soft, even light. The weatherproof frame of the Grand Gardener also features simplified assembly with the pin and lock system, while the roof panels now simply slide into place.

This heavy duty extruded Resin frame improves both insulation and durability. The barn style roof design provides ample headroom and gives you more space to garden. Double doors allow easy access and provide excellent ventilation. Included roof vent provides a heat vent even when the doors are closed. Secure to concrete pad or heavy timber foundation.

Box Contains

1 x TwinWall Polycarbonate panels, 1 x Clear Polycarbonate panels, 1 x Resin Frame, 1 x Vent, 1 x Hinged double Door, 1 x Step-by-step assembly instructions.

Virtually unbreakable 4 mm thick twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels are 100% UV protected and high impact resistant
Clear glass-like polycarbonate side panels offer classic style without the worry of shattering
Barn shape design provides high headroom and a larger gardening space
Heavy duty resin frame improves insulation and durability for many years to come
Included double doors and 2 roof vents, provide excellent ventilation

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