2.7m Leaning Parasol with Winding Crank and Tilt

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Schallen 2.7m Leaning Parasol with Winding Crank and Tilt

Leaning parasol with winding crank and tilt, 2.7 metres. Elegant tilting garden and outdoor parasol with 2.7m canopy and UV50 protection for maximum shade coverage and UV protection.

A practical and adaptable solution for providing shade for your outdoor space is provided by the Leaning Parasol with Winding Crank and Tilt Function. It is a sensible option for enjoying outdoor comfort with to its customizable features, user-friendly winding crank operation, and robust construction.

Although a weighted base might be required for additional stability, consumers value the dependable sun protection and stylish style that this parasol gives to their outdoor space.


Schallen 2.7m Leaning Parasol with Winding Crank and Tilt


Schallen 2.7m Leaning Parasol with Winding Crank and Tilt Function UV50 Sun Shade Brolly for Outdoor Garden and Patio

The Leaning Parasol with Winding Crank and Tilt Function is a versatile and functional addition to your outdoor space. Designed to provide ample shade and protection from the sun, this parasol offers convenience and ease of use.

Featuring a leaning design, this parasol allows you to adjust the angle of the canopy to suit your desired shade position. Whether you want to shield yourself from the morning sun or create shade during the afternoon, the tilt function enables you to customize the shade coverage accordingly.

The winding crank mechanism makes opening and closing the parasol effortless. With a simple rotation of the crank handle, you can smoothly extend or retract the canopy to your desired height. This user-friendly feature eliminates the need for manual lifting and ensures a hassle-free setup.

The Leaning Parasol with winding crank is crafted from durable materials that are designed to withstand various weather conditions. The canopy is made from UV-resistant fabric, providing reliable protection against harmful sun rays. The sturdy pole and frame are constructed to offer stability and durability, even in windy conditions.

Customers Reviews

Customers who have purchased the Leaning Parasol with Winding Crank & Tilt Function appreciate its functionality and ease of use. They find the leaning design and tilt function convenient for adjusting the shade throughout the day. The winding crank mechanism receives positive feedback for its smooth operation and time-saving benefits.

The durability of the parasol is another highlight mentioned by customers. They appreciate the sturdy construction and UV-resistant canopy, which ensure long-lasting performance and protection from the sun. The overall aesthetics of the parasol are also praised, with customers noting its attractive design and ability to enhance the ambiance of their outdoor space.


  • Leaning design and tilt function for adjustable shade coverage
  • Winding crank mechanism for effortless opening and closing
  • Durable materials for long-lasting performance
  • UV-resistant fabric provides protection against sun rays
  • Sturdy pole and frame for stability in windy conditions
  • Attractive design enhances outdoor ambiance


  • May require a weighted base for added stability (not included)
  • Some customers may prefer additional color options



The Leaning Parasol with Winding Crank and Tilt Function offers a convenient and versatile solution for shading your outdoor space. Its adjustable features, user-friendly winding crank mechanism, and durable construction make it a practical choice for enjoying outdoor comfort. While a weighted base may be necessary for added stability, customers appreciate the reliable protection from the sun and the attractive design this parasol brings to their outdoor setting.

STRONG & STURDY - Comes with a solid metal pole with 8 frame ribs to bear weights.

TILTING PARASOL - stylish tilting garden and outdoors parasol for optimum shade coverage and protection from the UV sun with 2.7m canopy and UV50 protection

CHARCOAL GREY - made from a weatherproof 100% polyester fabric in a modern navy blue colour with rust resistant powder coated steel frame in black.

CRANK & TILT SYSTEM - Crank winding mechanism to open and close your parasol quickly and conveniently. Tilt mechanism allows you to easily angle and adjust the canopy

SPECIFICATION – Pole diameter 38mm | Number of ribs: 8 | Mould and mildew resistant: Yes | The parasol will need to be secured using weighted parasol base (NOT INCLUDED) – Click ‘promotion’ above to see offers on our parasol to match.

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