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Pneumatic Spare Wheelbarrow Tyre with Steel Rim and Axis

Wheelbarrow spare tyre with a steel axis and rim. Heavy-duty: two PR tyres for a maximum weight of 200 kg; tough rubber tyre with sleeve, wheel, and rim.
Pneumatic: Impermeable valve for floor or compressor pumps; wheel can be inflated to 2.4 bar. Smooth: Pneumatic for flexibility and fluid movements; friction bearings that are impact-proof.

Details: 390 x 90 mm (approx.) in D and W; steel axle D x B: around 20 mm x 150 mm. The pneumatic spare wheelbarrow tyre is simple to install. It fits inside typical wheelbarrows and is simple to place onto the existing rim. A secure attachment is made possible by the provided axis, eliminating any wobbling or instability while in use.


Pneumatic Spare Wheelbarrow Tyre with Steel Rim and Axis


Relaxdays Pneumatic Spare Wheelbarrow Tyre with Steel Rim and Axis Black 4.80 4.00-8 Spare Wheel Capacity to 200 kg, 1 piece.

The Pneumatic Spare Wheelbarrow Tyre with Steel Rim and Axis is a reliable and durable replacement tyre for your wheelbarrow. Designed to withstand heavy loads and rough terrains, this tyre ensures smooth and efficient transportation of your goods and materials.

Constructed with a pneumatic design, this wheelbarrow tyre is filled with air, providing excellent shock absorption and cushioning. It helps minimize vibrations and impacts during use, reducing the strain on both the wheelbarrow and the user. The sturdy steel rim and axis add extra strength and stability, ensuring a long lifespan and enhanced performance.

Installing the Pneumatic Spare Wheelbarrow Tyre is a breeze. It is compatible with standard wheelbarrows and can be easily mounted onto the existing rim. The included axis allows for secure attachment, preventing any wobbling or instability during use.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased the Pneumatic Spare Wheelbarrow Tyre are highly satisfied with its quality and performance. They appreciate the durable construction, as it withstands heavy loads and rough surfaces without losing its integrity. The pneumatic design receives praise for its ability to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even when transporting heavy or bulky items.

The convenience of installation is another highlight mentioned by customers. They find it easy to replace their old or worn-out wheelbarrow tyres with this spare tyre, saving time and effort. The steel rim and axis are commended for their strength and stability, ensuring a secure fit and reliable performance.


  • Durable construction for heavy loads and rough terrains
  • Pneumatic design for excellent shock absorption
  • Sturdy steel rim and axis for added strength and stability
  • Compatible with standard wheelbarrows
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Provides a smooth and comfortable ride



  • May not fit all wheelbarrow models (check compatibility)
  • Limited size options available



The Pneumatic Spare Wheelbarrow Tyre with Steel Rim and Axis is a reliable and efficient replacement tyre for your wheelbarrow. Its durable construction, pneumatic design, and sturdy rim and axis ensure optimal performance and longevity. While compatibility with all wheelbarrow models may vary, customers appreciate its easy installation and the smooth ride it provides during transport.


Absorbent and easy to maneuver. A contoured surface and friction bearing facilitate pushing even when burdened with heavy weight. Inflating is done in a matter of minutes. The durable tyre comes in classic Black and features a steel rim in subtle grey.

The wheel is suitable for standard wheelbarrows, trolleys, barrows and more.

inflatable wheelbarrow tyre details
- Tyre: 4.80 4.00-8> - diameter: app. 39 cm
- width of wheel: App. 9 cm
- load capacity: app. 200 kg>
spare tyre with Axle
- axle diameter: app. 2 cm
- axle length: app. 15 cm
- axle thread length: app. 5 cm per side
- material: rubber, nylon, steel> - colour: Black tyre, grey rim>
pneumatic rubber wheel
- inflatable wheelbarrow tire
- for easy movement in uneven terrain> - with friction bearing for full comfort> - Contoured surface for grip and controller>
included in delivery
- 1 x wheelbarrow Spare tyre
- includes axle pin
- decorative items shown in product photos are not included

For wheelbarrows: spare tire for garden cart - suitable for hand-carts, trolleys and more

Heavy duty: durable rubber tyre with sleeve, wheel and rim - 2 PR tyres for max. 200 kg
Pneumatic: Wheel can be inflated up to 2.4 bar - impermeable valve for floor or compressor pumps
Smooth: pneumatic for flexibility and smooth movements - with impact-proof friction bearing
Details: D x W: app. 390 x 90 mm - steel axle D x B: app. 20 x 150 mm

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