Pop Up Gazebo and Carry Bag With Wheels Leg Weights White

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Pop Up Gazebo and Carry Bag With Wheels Leg Weights White

The 3m x 6m Pop Up Gazebo with Carry Bag with Wheels and Leg Weights is a useful and practical choice for making a covered area outside. It is a dependable option for a variety of parties and gatherings because to its simple setup, strong structure, and included accessories like the carry bag and leg weights. Take advantage of this pop-up gazebo’s adaptability and protection for your outdoor activities.

There is no assembly required, and setting up this pop up gazebo is very easy. Simply pull the legs apart and cover the frame with the roof (for the first time; the canopy can be left on for subsequent uses). the legs are raised to the proper height before being fixed,


Pop Up Gazebo and Carry Bag With Wheels Leg Weights White

The Pop Up Gazebo and Carry Bag With Wheels Leg Weights is a versatile and convenient solution for your outdoor gatherings and events. Whether you're hosting a garden party, setting up a booth at a market, or simply looking for a sheltered space in your backyard, this pop-up gazebo provides the perfect solution.

The gazebo features a durable and sturdy frame that can be easily set up and taken down within minutes. The pop-up design eliminates the need for complicated assembly, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event. The white canopy provides ample shade and protection from the sun, while the sidewalls offer additional privacy and shelter from the wind.

Included with the gazebo is a convenient carry bag with wheels, making transportation a breeze. The bag allows you to effortlessly wheel the gazebo to your desired location, whether it's across the garden or to a nearby event venue. The leg weights provide stability and security, ensuring that your gazebo stays in place even in windy conditions.

Customers Reviews:

Customers who have used the Pop Up Gazebo and Carry Bag With Wheels Leg Weights commend its ease of use and portability. They appreciate the quick and straightforward setup process, allowing them to save time and effort. The included carry bag with wheels has received positive feedback for its convenience in transporting the gazebo. Customers also value the stability provided by the leg weights, ensuring a secure and sturdy structure.



  • Easy and quick pop-up assembly
  • Durable and sturdy frame for stability
  • White canopy for shade and protection from the sun
  • Sidewalls for added privacy and shelter
  • Carry bag with wheels for effortless transportation
  • Leg weights for enhanced stability



  • The gazebo may not withstand very strong winds or heavy rainfall
  • Some customers found the storage bag to be slightly flimsy


In summary

The Pop Up Gazebo and Carry Bag With Wheels Leg Weights is a practical and convenient option for creating a sheltered space outdoors. Its easy setup, sturdy frame, and included accessories like the carry bag and leg weights make it a reliable choice for various events and gatherings. Enjoy the flexibility and protection provided by this pop-up gazebo for your outdoor activities.


All Seasons Gazebos, Heavy duty pop up 3m x 6m (10ft x 20ft) gazebo / Marquee with choice of colours

The gazebo / Awning is fully waterproof and not just showerproof, it will withstand a light shower right up to a torrential downpour whilst keeping you 100% dry. The frame is matt black, rust resistant, and powder coated steel, with plenty of support struts for extra stability and has 3 different height settings.

No Assembly Needed, Erection of this pop up gazebo is very simple, it has no poles to click into place, just pull the legs out, put the roof cover over the frame (first time only, roof can be left on for future uses) raise the legs to the desired height then lock them into place, it really couldn't be any simpler and takes a few minutes. It can be used on Grass, patios, sand etc

There is a minimum of 7ft clearance around the lowest part when the gazebo is at its highest setting making this perfect for people of all heights

In addition to the frame and roof, within this package are the following items:

8 x Tent Pegs & 4 pieces of guide rope (1 for each foot & 1 for each piece of rope)

1 x Heavy duty, fully waterproof 260g / sqm, Carry / Storage Bag with wheels for the gazebo. Roof can stay on the gazebo when in the storage bag

4 x upgraded leg weight bags (sand not supplied) but dirt, rocks or heavy bottles etc can also be used. When filled to capacity EACH of the 4 bags adds up to 15kgs of weight to the gazebo. The bags simply attach to each leg using Velcro straps

All Seasons gazebos are designed for all seasons, and can be used in light to moderate wind, however all pop up gazebos are meant as temporary structures and should never be left unattended for any length of time including overnight.

Please note there is a small logo on the canopy

3x6m ( 10ft x 20ft ) Gazebo Comes with Heavy Duty, waterproof Carry / storage bag with wheels & 4 x Upgraded leg weight bags (Sand Not Included) Adds up to 60kgs weight in total when all 4 bags are filled making it perfect for when Pop up gazebo is used on Patios, Concrete and decking.

Heavy duty 260g / sqm PVC coated fully waterproof roof, with all stitching taped and pressure points reinforced. Frame Weight: 26.3kgs, Roof Weight: 7.5kgs, total package weight: 34kgs

Pop up Gazebo comes with Care Guide & 1-year Frame Parts Warranty Included for total peace of mind. Can be used on Grass, Concrete, patios, Decking, Sand & more (always secure the gazebo appropriately)

Instant pop up design, takes minutes to Erect, Roof can be left on the frame even when gazebo is down and in the bag, no poles to slot in making it perfect for instant shelter anywhere

Strong Metal support struts within the frame for increased stability on the heavy duty, matt black, rust resistant steel frame with 100% metal feet and 30mm x 30mm legs, No Wind bars needed due to this making it a premium gazebo designed to last unlike budget gazebos