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Stainless steel head
Polypropylene shaft
28 handle

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Style Name:Border Fork

Spear & Jackson Select Stainless Border Fork

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The Spear & Jackson Select Stainless Steel Border Fork has a mirror polished stainless steel head for rust resistance and minimal soil adhesion. The polypropylene shaft has an integral ergonomic forward tilting handle for ease of use.

Stainless steel head
Polypropylene shaft
28 handle
Blade / Head Size - 230mm (9 Inch) x 138mm (5.1/2 Inch)
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Really strong and well constructed. The handles are comfortable to use for a long period of time and dint make me get blisters or soreness like i expected may happen. I did manage to bend some of the tines but that was by using it in a way it wasn't intended for (pulling up tree stumps and paving stones) but its still fully intact and functional.

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