Suncast BMS7400 Resin Shed 7.5 x 4′ Price: £516.66 (as of 29/06/2022 16:24 PST- Details)

Constructed of durable double-wall resin with wood grain texture
Metal reinforced shingle style roof panels
Reinforced floor for heavier items



Suncast Resin Sheds

Suncast BMS7400 Premium Outdoor Resin Garden Cascade Onex Apex Shed

The BMS7400 is an attractive addition to any garden, giving a strong and durable storage solution that will give service for many years.

Simple to install, and featuring strong double skinned wall panels, along with metal reinforced roofing panels which are finished with a tiled effect.

The doors feature lockable metal door handles for security, whilst the floor is reinforced to provide ample support for tractor mowers and other heavy storage items.

A storage capacity of 171 cubic feet, and a floor area of 24 square feet give ample storage space.

Dimensions Exterior: Width: 7'4-1/2" x Depth: 3'11-1/8" x Height: 8' 6-1/2" (224.8cm x 119.6cm x 260.4cm)

Interior: Width: 6' 8-3/8" x Depth: 3' 6-3/4" x Height: 8' 4"(204.1cm x 108.5cm x 254cm)

Door opening: 60 in. W x 76 in. H (152.4cm Wx193cm H)

Products are subject to change without notice, and dimensions may vary from the actual product. The colour of the product in the photograph may vary from the stated colour in the product description.

Constructed of durable double-wall resin with wood grain texture
Metal reinforced shingle style roof panels
Reinforced floor for heavier items
Lockable metal handles
Attractive door windows and functional vent
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Purchased elsewhere and had a lot of trouble getting it. Suncast is US-based and seems to be unknown compared to Keter. We needed a new shed to go down the side of our house, which meant it needed to be side opening and as large as possible without being more than 4ft deep. We wanted a plastic one because the side of the house doesn't get much sun but does get flooded whenever the drain gets blocked or next door jet-washes their patio, so the old wooden one was rotting away (the garage wall behind it wasn't doing too good either). I went for this one because it has the apex roof rather than the pent, which would reduce the water going down the back and wetting the aforementioned wall, and because it has the double doors which make it so much easier to get to stuff. Our old one was similar to the Keter Manor Pent Resin Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 6 x 4 ft., Large - Beige and getting things out from the back was a nightmare. If you're using all the space then you definitely want the double doors. This is similar in size and style to the Keter Fusion Large 7.5 x 4 ft Wood Plastic Composite Outdoor Garden Storage Shed - Brown, which comes in Grey/Grey and Brown/Grey. This one was a bit cheaper at the time of purchase. Personally, I also think it's the more attractive of the two. It's really too nice to be hidden beside the house! It comes flatpack in one enormous box. My husband put it together himself. There was no swearing to speak of and he was still smiling at the end. Like all plastic stores you'll need a drill or power screwdriver unless you want RSI. I think there's supposed to be a couple of corner shelves, but I honestly don't know what we've done with them. You can buy racks at vast expense, or you can get a set of plastic shelves like [...] which are infinitely cheaper. It doesn't come with a padlock, so you'll also need that. There's a 10 year manufacturer's warranty, which is good. I've also had it a couple of months, so can't comment otherwise on longevity. All in all, I'm very pleased with this. It looks great, it won't rot and I don't have to paint it - what more can you ask? If you want more space, there's the Suncast BMS8400 ® Premium Large Resin Garden Storage Shed - Tremont Five Model (Size: 8'x4', Capacity: 206 Cubic Foot Capacity), which is slightly deeper and a foot longer. If you need to go smaller, Suncast BMS6310D 6-Feet by 3-Feet Shed and Keter Factor Resin Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 6 x 3 Feet - Beige are both 6x3 in the same style


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