Wooden Narrow Log Store Rowlinson

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Wooden Narrow Log Store

Keeps logs dry and aired
Shelf included
Easy assembly



Wooden Narrow Log Store

Wooden Narrow Log Store by Rowlinson is a chunky wood log storage that is tall and narrow that can fit in most spaces in the garden that you desire. Containing spaced natural timber board on the sides enabling a good airflow to increase the drying out of freshly cut logs and firewood. Included in one inner shelf near the top specifically to store kindling wood to use to start your fire. Finished off with a sloping pent roof to protect from rain.

Very easy to assemble, robust completed construction.

Assists in keeping logs dry and aired
Shelf incorporated
Simple meeting
Force handled in opposition to rot
Herbal wooden end

Bought this to with our recently installed wood burning stove. On initially opening the packaging (flat pack sections), the roof slats practically fell apart. The nail gun used was badly done so I had to pull all the rusty rubbish nails out and re-hammer to slats in with fresh nails and re-align. Initially I was fed up, but I ended up making it look better anyway...✔...I have read mixed reviews on this but I found it to be a good product. It took me about 2-hours to construct on my own, a second person would have made it easier but I didn't have a second person to hand so plodded on myself. One thing I would suggest .. don't put the shelf in when suggested in the instructions and lay the log store face down to nail the back planks on .. use the shelf in the centre to support the centre post for nailing, this makes it much easier to nail into. To nail them on in the upright position is much more difficult as the log store will move and you have to both support them and nail them at the same time. If laid down, you can carefully place them and nail away. Then, when you get to the height that you want the shelf, screw the back in, lift the log store up, secure the front and lay it back down to complete the back planks. Other than that, it's a nice product for a reasonable price .. and worth the effort of putting it up.

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