Duramax YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed

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Duramax YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed

When it comes to optimizing your outdoor space, the YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed stands out as a versatile and reliable choice. This innovative shed is designed to provide you with extra storage space while enhancing the aesthetics of your backyard or patio.

Let’s delve into the features, benefits, pros and cons, as well as customer verdict and conclusion of the YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed.
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Duramax YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed


The YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed offers a space-efficient and durable storage solution for your outdoor needs. Designed for convenience and functionality, it features a ventilation system, door handles with padlock eyes, and a strong metal structure tested to withstand snow loads.

The shed's all-weatherproof construction ensures longevity without rust, fading, or maintenance hassles. With easy assembly and a heavy-duty plastic floor included, this shed provides a hassle-free storage solution that complements any backyard or patio.

Whether you need additional space for gardening tools, outdoor equipment, or other belongings, the YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed delivers durability and functionality to enhance your outdoor storage experience.

Features to Benefits:

Ample Space: The YardMate PLUS Series offers a convenient 5 x 5 size, perfect for most backyards or patios, providing you with the extra storage you need. Simple Assembly: With easy assembly that requires just 1-2 hours and basic household tools, you'll have your shed up and ready in no time.

Complete Floor: The shed comes with a heavy-duty plastic floor, ensuring your belongings remain clean and dry.

Ventilation System: The slotted grill on the gable fascia offers proper airflow, preventing moisture buildup.

Enhanced Security: Equipped with door handles featuring padlock eyes, your stored items stay safe and secure.

Sturdy Build: Tested to handle 20 lbs/sq. ft. of snow load, the shed's strong metal structure ensures durability.

Weatherproof and Fire Retardant: Crafted from maintenance-free, all-weatherproof plastic, this shed won't rust, fade, or succumb to the elements. It's also fire retardant for added safety.


  • Ample storage space Quick and easy assembly
  • Complete and sturdy floor
  • Effective ventilation system
  • Enhanced security features
  • Durable and weatherproof construction


  • Moderate sturdiness rating
  • Value for money may vary


Durability is a cornerstone feature of the YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed. Crafted with precision and high-quality materials, this shed is built to withstand the test of time and various weather conditions. The all-weatherproof plastic construction ensures that the shed remains resilient against rain, sun, and changing temperatures, preventing rust, fading, and deterioration.

This durability translates into long-lasting protection for your stored items, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and well-preserved. Whether facing heavy rain, scorching heat, or even snow, the YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed's durability ensures that it maintains its structural integrity and appearance, making it a reliable outdoor storage solution for years to come.


Sturdiness is a defining trait of the YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed, designed to provide a robust and dependable storage solution. Its strong metal structure, rigorously tested to withstand a snow load of up to 20 lbs/sq. ft., ensures that the shed maintains its stability and form even in challenging weather conditions.

The reinforced construction guarantees that the shed remains steady and secure, offering a reliable shelter for your valuable items. This sturdiness extends to every aspect of the shed, from the door handles with padlock eyes that enhance security to the heavy-duty plastic floor that can support the weight of your stored belongings.

With the YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed, you can trust in its enduring strength, knowing that it will stand tall and resilient in the face of the elements and daily use.


The YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed excels in functionality, providing a well-designed and practical space for all your storage needs. Its clever layout and thoughtful features ensure optimal functionality for various purposes.

The inclusion of a ventilation system with a slotted grill on the gable fascia promotes air circulation, preventing moisture buildup and maintaining a fresh interior environment. The door handles with padlock eyes offer both convenience and security, allowing you to easily access your items while ensuring they remain safe.

The shed's all-weatherproof and maintenance-free design guarantees that its functionality remains unhindered by rust, fading, or wear, ensuring your belongings stay protected. The heavy-duty plastic floor provides a sturdy foundation, accommodating the weight of your stored items with ease.

With its quick assembly process and complete floor, the YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed is a versatile and functional addition to your outdoor space, offering efficient storage and organization while seamlessly integrating into your backyard or patio.


Duramax YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed Customers Verdict

Customers appreciate the YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed for its compact size and functional design. While the sturdiness rating is moderate, the shed's easy assembly, security features, and weather-resistant build make it a convenient storage solution.


The YardMate 5 x 5 Plastic Garden Shed from Duramax offers a practical and efficient way to enhance your outdoor storage capacity. Its well-thought-out features, including ventilation, security enhancements, and weatherproof durability, make it a worthy investment.

While some aspects like sturdiness and value for money receive mixed ratings, the YardMate shed ultimately fulfills its purpose with ease. Consider adding this shed to your outdoor space for a hassle-free and reliable storage solution.

Fashion Quantity: 35525
From Duramax
Product's Fashion Quantity : 35525

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