Really Useful Storage For Outdoors

Really Useful Storage For Outdoors to Keep Organised

Storage for outdoors covers many purpose made units such as cupboards, cabinets and deck boxes.

Storage for patio and garden need to be weather resistant if they are of any use outside in the changing weather of the UK.


Stoage for cushions, barbecues, tools and even childrens toys used for playing in the garden need somewhere to kept in the dry and there are some super solutions for this problem.

Storage for outdoors such as cushions, wheelie bins and kiddies toys is quite a few different options available. We are going to list the best for you to take a look at below.

Keter Marvel Plus Deck Box

keter marvel plus deck box

Keter Marvel Plus Review and features of this awesome 270 Litre capacity weather resistantf storage box.

When you want to store items for your garden, you have a couple of choices. Shed, garage, indoors or even a storage unit you can keep nearby solely for this purpose. If you want to go for the obvious choice and get a garden storage box for your essentials, look no further than this 270-litre box from Keter.

Patio storage box is made of durable and weather resistant plastic to ensure it will stand the test of time and is fully waterproof too. This means that not only will it still look great in years to come, it will keep all the items stored inside safely away from the elements and any pests that might be looking for a home!

In addition to its great look and storage capability, it has a second function of being able to double as a bench to hold up to 2 adults. The lid will support 220kg of weight which should be plenty for two people to sit comfortably so its perfect if you occasionally need a few more places to sit. And you can lock it too if you would like a bit of extra security.

The same lid also has rear hinges for ease of opening, there are handles to allow you to move it easily and its assembly will take you just a few minutes with no extra tools required thanks to its intelligent smart click system.

Keter Glenwood Deck box

Outdoor Plastic Storage Box Keter Glenwood

Keter Glenwood Deck Box Review and features of this Fantastic low cost weather ressistant storage box.

Glenwood Deck Box is functional can often mean unpleasant to look at. But with this Glenwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box from Keter, you can have both style and substance in your garden!

The Keter Glenwood weather ressistant box is a fantastic size means that it is the perfect place to store all manner of items you want to keep handy in your garden. From tools and equipment, to cushions for your furniture, to garden games and even throws for chilly evenings, this unit will hold the lot in its 390-litre sized cavity.

Not only that, you will not have to worry about the integrity of them either, as this weather-proof, waterproof and sturdy box will keep everything inside safe from the elements. For added security, it also has a lid which can be locked too – just add your own padlock and keep your items safe.

Wood Effect Plastic Storage Box

The wide and wood-panelled finish looks incredible in outdoor spaces and it will not look out of place on a patio, decked area, in a leafy corner or even tucked away somewhere like down the side of your house.

It is a great replica of natural wood but requires none of the maintenance you would normally have to undertake! Instead, this plastic structure is extremely hard-wearing and durable, it is weather proof and fade resistant meaning your storage box will look great for years to come.

Lifetime Deck Box

Waterproof Outdoor Storage Deck Boxe

Lifetime deck box review checking out if this heavy duty storage box is worth buying for your garden.

If you are looking for a storage unit that will stand the test of time and look great while doing so, look no further. This incredible storage deck box by Lifetime will be the perfect addition to your outdoor space and is guaranteed for 10 years!

The Lifetime 60186 is large size with an internal capacity of 439 litres will allow you to store whatever you need to. From furniture cushions you want to keep handy, to garden tools and equipment, even games and hot tub accessories – you can store it all in the large internal cavity. Just make sure you measure the place you want it to sit so it will fit where you want it to!

Its great size is only further enhanced by how stylish the box looks too. The desert sand wood slat designed sides and brown lid are made of rigid dual-wall high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction so you know that it will be just as sturdy as it looks. So sturdy in fact it can also be used as a bench whenever you want that extra bit of seating in your garden. It has a natural wood-effect finish too which suits most outdoor spaces and would look great on a deck, patio or even tucked away somewhere.

The extra strong build quality and large size could mean that you struggle with its lid but there is no need to worry – it has a controlled spring-hinge lid which will open more than 90° to give you ease of access to the very bottom.

The spring-hinge also means that the lid will not slam shut on you, trapping fingers or making a loud bang!

It even has in-built moulded handles so you can move it wherever you want it too.

Yhe waterproof storage chest will be a great addition to your exterior space

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Bench Storage for Outdoors

Bench Storage Box Keter Eden

Storage for outdoors keter Eden Bench

When it come to storage for outdoors this cool idea of a bench storage box copes with decent capacity for storing cushions aswell as supplying two extra seats for sitting in the garden.

The best selling keter eden bench box extremely popular and highly rated.

You can never have too much outdoor storage or too many pieces of durable yet elegant outdoor furniture.

The fully weather-resistant Eden garden bench storage box is ideal for use outdoors and can provide seating for up to two adults, and store a 265 L/65 G capacity worth of patio accessories, lounge cushions and anything else that needs to be kept dry and well ventilated.

As well as its decorative wood style finishing the Eden bench is also lockable to give you added security and peace of mind.

The capacity of this bench is 70 gallons and it is made of UV-protected resin. So, this bench is easy to maintain and clean. And with such a dark color, you will hardly need to clean it. Additionally, the bench is made using heavy-duty plastic and, thus, it is highly durable and would not get damaged due to rain water, sunlight, dust, or attack from animals/insects.

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 Wheelie Bin Storage For Outdoors

Wheelie Bin Storage for Two Bins – Keter Ultra

Wheelie Bin Storage for Two Bins Keter Ultra

Keter Wheelie Bin Storage for Outdoors

Keter Ultra make a fantastic wheelie bin storage and keeps two 360l wheelie bins inside comfortably. Easy to clean plastic material stops any foul odours occurring in warm weather.

 Keter Bike Storage

Keter bike storage or keter store it out ultra is the ideal storage solution for the family bicycles capable of storing up to four bikes 2 adults and 2 child’s cycles.

Easily to access bikes from wide opening double doors makes life easy.

Keter store-it out ultra offers XX-Large storage for your garden. With a 2000 Litre capacity, it can accommodate garden tools and equipment, mowers, furniture, even four bicycles (two adult’s, two children’s). Alternatively, it can accommodate two 360 Litre or three 120 Litre wheelie bins, keeping them out of sight.

Providing dry and ventilated storage outdoors, it features a piston-assisted lid and two wide opening doors for easy access to contents. There are also two lid-lifter chains to facilitate hands-free opening of wheelie bins stored inside. The ultra’s durable design is weather resistant and virtually maintenance and fade-free. Just an occasional light wash is all that is required to keep it looking recent. A heavy duty floor and door bolt complete the unit. It is suitable for location all around the garden, on the patio, against a wall or fence or elsewhere on the grass.

The ultra is part of Keter’s store-it-out family. Choose the size that is suitable for your storage requirements and garden space, using the comparison chart lower down this page.

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In Summary


Listed above are some of the most popular storage for outdoors on the market.

They provide extremely good customer satisfaction through thousands of purchasers.

I am sure you can pick up the ideal storage solution that you require and have no regrets on the purchase.




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