Removing deep rooted weeds

Yes, I know “removing deep rooted weeds” what a nightmare we all hate this part of gardening but is so crucial for the preparation of a quality structured soil. The thought of kneeling and digging holes round a deep rooted pest is not my idea of fun. In fact, of I will do it tomorrow scenario, but time goes by and its as if they invited there friends and the old boys have become miniature trees.

Well the simple answer is to man up and tackle these bullies and hopefully rid them forever.

There is a few ways we have in our armoury, these the cheap tradition way which is fine if the right tools are used. It can be tedious but rewarding.

Let look at what is on offer to achieve good results and rid these nuisances.

Grampas Weeder


This mini 1.5 kg saw shiver will cope with removal of the most stubborn deep rooted weeds and clumps of large stinging Nettles. It has a range of uses in the garden and very popular at this moment in time. Bags of positive customer reviews.

However, it needs some manual labour to function this handy little tool, if your do not mind a bit of hard work this is your answer. On the other hand is extremely recommended for remove small tree strums. As the shovel is a saw incorporated on the edges allowing it to sever roots so the above surface stump can be removed allowing the remaining roots to decay into soil.


  • Stiong construction
  • effective if used correctly and not as a shovel
  • Value for money
  • Removes very deep rooted weeds
  • Top rated


  • Plastic handle could be stronger

  Best Review From Customers

It is important to use it properly. It is in effect an underground saw. It is NOT for levering or lifting huge loads. It is a narrow tool and consequently not strong enough for that. Used in conjunction with a big shovel or fork is perfect for the job.

  Worst Customer Review

If the problem is large stinging weeds and Nettles a good weed puller is necessary. Available products that deal with this problem are well published and talked about. My pick of quite a few different options on the market that impressed me is the

Fiskars Xact Weed Puller


From a buyers point of view the Fiskas Xact Weed puller is by far the most top rated with excellent reviews that take a long time to read them all.

Perfect tool for those who have back problems as bending over is reduced considerably

Plunging the wee puller into the centre of the plant with the open claw grab, just pull back and the claw shuts tightly around the root base and drag out the weed with ease. This puller is perfect for removing weeds in the lawn too. Only pulling out the weed and leaving the lawn practically unblemished.


  • Makes weeding easy
  • Pulls out whole root
  • Highly recommended.
  • Worth the money spent
  • Removes weeds from lawn leaving only a small hole


  • Adult must be present to receive this item.

  Best Review From Customers

Wow. I’m not a very keen gardener but the house we bought a few years ago was the right house in the right location so the fact that the garden was bigger than I would have liked was just something I had to accept. The “garden” was a total mess when we moved in but gradually it has started to look like a garden – but the lawns are full of weeds. I seemed to spend most of last summer digging up weed after weed. I tried a weed puller bought from the local garden centre and it broke within a month. (It was a twist and pull type). Then I saw this in a store and thought I’d see if it was a) well reviewed here and b) cheaper here than in the store. It was on both counts, so I bought one.

  Worst Customer Review

Well this garden device may be good for disabled persons as indicted with various reviews, however I found it more or less completely useless. It could have had something to do with the earth consistency, ie: how wet or dry the lawn actually was at the time, but as I used the tool it tended to lift the earth out but left the weed, especially the long(ish) root of dandelions the arch enemy of gardeners. The earth within our lawn was moist so I had expected the root to be removed fairly easily. The prongs went in ok but when the jaws closed the claws more or less just slipped out…. minus the main root but included the top leaves etc. The tool also left a large hole. Living in a rural area next to a field we can mountains of dandelion seeds constantly being blown over onto our grass areas. I had thought, judging by the positive reviews (can you trust such reviews any more I ask ???) that this tool was indeed the answer. No its just another gadget and after a short wile it was back down on my knees doing what we had always done, cut the singular root off at low level in the ground and the whole dandelion just pulls out….. with no large hole either. Amazon were brilliant and accepted the tool back for a full refund. Not impressed despite all those positive reviews. All IMHO of coarse

Weeding for two

Tackling weed removal alone can be quite a job but, if the other half gives a lending hand this weedier is a beauty.

Albeit, kneeling is necessary to get at the smaller weeds that root close to the surface of the soil although it too can be functional standing up just that the drawback you bend over quite a lot. No good if your back gives you a problem.

These are the weeds that need managing the most. The low level ground covering pest can quickly run amok through plants soaking up large amounts of moisture and nutrients.

I have found a combination of tools that are not expensive but essential to achieve remove of weeds quietly.

Firstly, the tool itself

Worth Garden Stainless Steel Hand Weeder


This easy to use weeder has a fantastic bowed leverage plate attached to the shaft making it easy to lift out those dreaded weeds.

Doing this procedure you are better off being as mobile as possible. Crawling round on your needs is the best solution keeping your trash bucket close at hand.

Review of a very similar weeder


  • Very handy & Sturdy
  • Good quality
  • Effective at removing Docken leaves
  • Superb Dandelion removal
  • Fast delivery
  • Top rated


  • No bad reviews up to this moment

  Best Review From Customers

Over-run with docken leaves. At least they are green! Takes patience and time but digging in at two angles allows the plant to be heaved out with the root or most of the root. Don’t know of any other way to do this effectively.

  Worst Customer Review

No problems to report at the present time.

Protecting the knees is essential and gives a more comfortable experience. I recommend a decent pair of knee protection pads as comfort is key to weeding in this nature.

Everstärke Knee Pads for Work 


The Everstärke Knee pads are probably one of the best on the market. Extremely popular with an impeccable rating from hundreds of customers.

Knees well protected and you stay mobile without having to move a kneeling frame every time you can’t reach your subject. My point of view it is a must have in a gardener’s tool kit when kneeling is required.


  • Hard wearing
  • Good quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Great for long periods working on your knees


  • Make sure strapped securely to prevent slipping

  Best Review From Customers

Let me just start by saying I’m no expert on industrial safety wear here, I only wanted the knees pads to give my ageing limbs some support whilst I clean the kitchen floor, garden etc. They looked good, on Amazon the price was, what I wanted to pay, it was also important to me that I bought from a British firm. What has made this a 5 star rating as much as anything else is the personal touch from Richard Palfrey, the owner of this small British company, EVERSTARKE; who I PROMISE YOU, I have never met, and am never likely to..who has taken the trouble to write to me, to ensure the product meets my requirements, offer me advice on the care and usage, of same, and has thus made me feel he personally is bothered about what he does. Richard I take my hat off to you, and wish your company every success in the future…If more businesses went to this amount of trouble,m to make their customers happy, the world..even despite BREXIT!!…would be a much better place!!…I have no hesitation in recommending this product and an y others this company produces

  Worst Customer Review

I work as a gardener and bought these as a replacement for some that were half the price but had worn through on the front of the pad. I didn’t get along with these at all, I find that if kneeling on the edge of a hard surface I would roll off as the front of the pad is made of hard moulded plastic. I also had problems with the pad rolling off my knee, I couldn’t seem to get them adjusted right despite following the instructions. They appear well made, and are probably long lasting. They are surprisingly heavy

Now no worker in any manual situation is without this necessary form of simple protective wear. Yes you should have guessed it “gloves”. In a garden they are so important:

  • One they give better grip for long handled tools
  • Stops stinging vibrations when forcing heavy tools into the ground
  • Protection from thorny and stinging plants

This in mind you can see how useful gloves are especially around the garden.

Across the market there are an abundance of gloves. Many not really suitable for gardening. Gloves that get wet an soften and keep falling off the hands are a no no. I have took my time to find the perfect pair that will do exactly whats on the tin “excuse the pun” This makes life a great deal easier in the gardening world.

I have picked two types of gloves both are justifiable in there own right. Here is the pair I have chosen for everyday garden maintenance.

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves 


Made from breathable bamboo which can absorb sweat inside the glove but fit like an extra layer of skin that make them easy to work in.

Good anti slip compound in the palm and inner fingers giving ultimate grip when using tools.

Very popular with a very High rating delivered in feedback from over a thousand customers says it all for these super gardening gloves. Me personally use these gloves and they are superb and will surely keep to this glove in the future.


  • Value for money
  • Fit snug and does not hamper movement
  • Protective and gripping ehancine palm and finger coating
  • Best seller
  • Hard wearing
  • Over 73% of of 1000+ reviews are positive


  • Water inside glove after use in wet garden

  Best Review From Customers

These are my latest addition to a large collection of gardening, riggers, rubber & PU gloves. They are my favourite & I have reordered as I constantly lose gloves. I bought a medium size & at first thought they were a but small but the snug fit is very comfortable & the gloves less cumbersome than most. They give good protection for most jobs (not for sharps) & are gripping better than the PU gloves I have. Not fully waterproof but adequate protection when working with damp surfaces. A thick weave which is quite warm in cold weather although I have thicker gloves for the really cold days. Bit more expensive than most of these types of glove but I think the extra was worth it.

Worst Customer Review

I have bought these gloves for several years and I have previously left a glowing review. Sadly the quality has vastly deteriorated. The item proudly states ‘improved coating’ however in my opinion it is far from improved. The coating is now breaking up after very little use and I am now suffering gardening hand and nail damage which didn’t happen before. They still have the same comfortable breathable back to the gloves but the plastic coating is now very poor. I was such a supporter of the old gloves I bought them for friends and highly recommended them – sadly no more

The second pair I have chosen is for very dedicated gardeners that brave cold weather. Unfortunately that rules me out. When it comes to the cold I am a wimp.

However, if winter wonderland gardening was for me I have chosen a pair I would definitely give a try before contemplating a different pair.

KIM YUAN Winter Warm Work Gloves


These winter warm gloves are very supple made from 100% cowhide. Thin insulation inside keeps your hands warm and workable in the coldest of days.

Even though they are supple and very comfortable but are equally as tough lasting many years under usual circumstances.

The gloves criteria speak for itself with a faultless review score albeit only across 60 plus customers. Like I mentioned earlier winter gardening is for the die hard who is very passionate about his hobby hence the less number in reviews. These guys are a rare breed in my world that would prefer to stay inside them days.


  • Good quality
  • Hard wearing
  • Comfortable and tight fit
  • Easy to work when weating
  • Value for money


  • Expensive

  Best Review From Customers

These are excellent gloves of high quality. It almost seems wrong to use them for a dirty job. If I was looking to find something to complain about I would say they are a slightly tight fit and if I need a replacement pair in the future I will order the larger size

Worst Customer Review

Decent quality gloves but made for tiny people. I bought Large size but gave them to my wife as they are actually Small size. Great for dollies and children.

Well we are finally at the end of my take on this weed removal lark. I have pointed out some great items to make life easier for this job.

Right then as Arnold Schwarzenegger was fully armed to takle the Preditor you now are equally as armed to rid your garden of weeds.

I hope you find this useful and would love to here about any different situations you have came across with weeds and there dimise. Please leave a comment below that would be great.

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