Sunlounger Covers

Best Outdoor Protective Sunlounger Covers for Sale

Best Outdoor Protective Sunlounger Covers for Sale. Quality sunlounger covers for sale made from manufacturers like Dokon, Siruiton and Bosmere highly regarded in producing protective garden furniture covers. Single and double packs available including reversable sun lounger covers too.

Folding Sunlounger Covers

Folding Sunlounger Covers are the solution to keep your loungers clean and dry before storing away at the end of the season keeping them as good as new till next time you want to lay out in the sun. Fitting over the folded lounger with ease making stacking inside a shelter simple. Made from durable PVC which is also wipe-clean so if you do get any dirt or grass on them, simply give them a quick wipe down and they’ll be as good as new. They have been designed to fit all types of folding sunloungers available on the market, so you can be sure to find a cover to fit yours. Order your Folding Sunlounger Cover today and enjoy many summers relaxing on your clean, dry and protected sunlounger.

Heavy Duty Sunlounger Covers

Heavy duty sunlounger covers are perfect for those who want extra protection for their sunbeds. These covers come with an extra waterproof layer that helps to keep the sunbed dry and protected from bad weather. This is the perfect option for more expensive rattan sun loungers, as it helps to keep them in good condition for longer. Heavy duty sunlounger covers are a great way to protect your investment and ensure that your sunbed stays in good condition for years to come.

Sunlounger Covers with Air Vent

Sunlounger Covers with Air Vent are a good idea to allow your lounger has an air flow inside the cover to allow it to breathe. If you have not got time to allow your lounger to completely dry from sweat or water before fitting the cover before packing it away this option is the one for you. The Sunlounger Cover with Air Vent has specialised fabric which is structurally designed to create airflow through the fabric, allowing your Sunlounger to dry quickly and thoroughly while staying protected from the elements. Sunlounger Covers with Air Vent also have an elasticated hem and drawstring that pulls tight around the Sunlounger, ensuring a snug fit and keeping the Sunlounger Cover in place even in strong winds.