The Best Festive Lights For Gardens

Christmas is just around the corner as the countdown has begun recently. This is the time when everyone, you included will be busy looking for the home, yard, and garden Christmas decorations. One of the major elements that complete your decor is the lights, especially when they are installed in the trees in your yard, patio, and garden.

Is it really important to install decorative festive lights for my garden?

Yes, and this is especially because the astonishing outdoor festive lights make a huge impact on the looks of your garden.  In fact, it won’t feel like It’s Christmas if we don’t see these sparkling and bright festive lights. The night comes alive when December comes, and now is the right time to decorate your garden.

How do I choose the best external decorative festive lights?

When we talk about lights in general,  the rule of the thumb is, less is more. But this is Christmas so go ahead and experiment as long as you like; have fun and be adventurous on your decors, especially the lights.

What are other factors I should consider when I shop for festive lights?

Before you go out shopping and deciding on what for festive lights to get, here are some tips on what to do, and what not to do

  • Dangle the lights for the best effect

For the trees on your garden, sprawl them with the decorative lights, from bottom to the top. Make sure that they are visible and not covered by leaves, and hang them on sturdy branches.

 Or you can use grid string type lights for your trees. It’s easy to install, has gorgeous light effects at night, and fits most trees. 


  • Use connectible lights

This type of light set is adjustable and extendable. You can get to choose the length that you require for your garden. Just don’t commit the mistake of combining different sized light sets. This is to prevent untimely burning out of the lights on the smaller light set.


 Test the lights sets before decorating

To easily identify busted or missing bulbs, test them first before deciding to install on a tree.


  • Extension cords must not be overloaded

Extension chords can only handle as much and don’t treat them as a regular power outlet. Let’s say your extension cord with 3 outlets is only 10 feet long, it can only accommodate up to three light sets with a maximum of 10 feet of length as well.


  • Use surge protectors
    For a merrier and more festive holidays, use extra protection against overloading and voltage spikes; plug your light into a surge suppressor.


  • Don’t disregard the festive lights after the holidays

To avoid spending again every year for your lights, tuck them in properly unto their boxes or moisture-free storage areas. Roll the chords or string accordingly so that straightening them up the next time will be hassle-free. Storing the lights and other accessories correctly will also extend their life so you don’t have to buy again the same lights the following Christmas.


  • Don’t experiment with replacement bulbs

            Replacement bulbs have different specifications and they vary in voltage and types.

            Refer to the manufacturer’s manual before buying a replacement bulb and not trial and

Error method.   

For more tips on how to hang your decorative lights, here’s a quick video by Lowe’s Home Improvement.

How can I make my gardens ready for Christmas?

 Whether you choose to make your gardens be Christmas ready with simple lights or with great and impressive lighting effects, the key here is making it as festive as possible. This season only comes once a year, and here’s our list of best festive lights to make your Christmas nights even brighter :

140 Warm White LED Connectable 


This lovely led net lights will boost the warm glow of your garden this Christmas season.

It features eight lighting effects with an easy to operate timer switch out of the package.

The net lights are a great decoration for your garden shrubs and when its nighttime,

anyone who’ll see it will be impressed.


  • Low power consumption
  • Programmable lighting effects
  • Weatherproof


  • Programmable lighting system not user-friendly
  • Transformer plug is longer than standards

  Best Review From Customers

“Really great quality and look fabulous. All as described – would recommend and


Worst Customer Review

“Work well. Holds the program so don’t have to reset the pattern every time as I

have to with other lights I have. Black or green wiring would have been much

preferred to white. Hence 4, not 5 stars.”

dirty pro tools™ METAL GARDEN SHED External 9ft 11″ x 7Ft 9″ With internal floor base


It’s short but when night time comes, it’s big on the lighting effects for your garden. Your neighbors and passersby will surely have a second look when the Deppen Solar Christmas String Lights Stake glows in your garden. Set the festive mood while you have guests by turning these LED string lights.

Definitely perfect for the Christmas season.


  • Solar-powered
  • Great two-mode lighting effects
  • Easy to set-up
  • Economical


  • The light sensor can be a little bit tricky
  • Transformer plug is longer than standard

  Best Review From Customers

“Wow, I love these lights, .a hundred times better than even the more expensive ones I have bought before. Delivery took a bit longer than I expected but that’s probably due to the Christmas post-build-up. I hope to purchase some coloured lights, this is the first place I shall look.”

Worst Customer Review

“So far so good. Can’t say much more as only just installed them.”

dirty pro tools™ METAL GARDEN SHED External 9ft 11″ x 7Ft 9″ With internal floor base


It’s white and festive Christmas all around you at this time of the year. Modern projector technology has paved the way for this light effects which is something that you’d only imagined when you’re still a kid.

Install it and let it project from or to your garden, and be fascinated with the display of snowflakes falling. Your family and guests will surely be impressed.


  • Great display
  • Four modes of lighting effects
  • Waterproof
  • Low voltage and economical


  • The wire is thinner compared to standard size
  • Some people may find the projector too small

  Best Review From Customers

“Very pleased with this projector and the design it projects. Very simple yet effective snowflakes. You can set the speed and how fast the snowflakes flash, great for an outside Christmas

Worst Customer Review

None. at this present time.

Light Up LED Christmas Snowman Figure


Christmas will not be the same without its snowman, now beaming with 40 White

LEDs. Christmas snowman is surely a jolly addition to your garden this holiday. make a


The white LED bulbs are enveloped around a frame which creates a shining and bright

Christmas Snowman, and you may get it free of a delivery charge.


  • Powered by 40 bright white LEDs
  • Low voltage and economical
  • Waterproof


  • Some people may find the item smaller than expected
  • Some parts are not durable

  Best Review From Customers

It’s a nice Xmas ornament but there’s a couple of issues I have – 1, it’s not very big. For £25 I would have expected it to be bigger. Also, 2, you can’t open it up to replace the lights when they inevitably fail, so, if I bring it out next Xmas and the lights don’t work there’s nothing I can do about it.
Don’t get me wrong, it looks really cute and I like it a lot, but it’s simply not worth £25. £15 would be better value.

Also, apparently there’s 40 LED’s in this thing, but I can only see about 10, I’m not sure 40 would even fit inside such a small ornament!

Worst Customer Review

I bought the snowman and penguin and delivered on time. Good construction until I plugged the snowman in and although it worked and lit up beautifully, found the securing screw cap the wrong way round. Too late to try and return as it’s for the kids and Christmas. Shame there isn’t a robust quality assurance process to over see these things.
I will not be buying from this company again.

Transcontinental 1.5m Cherry Blossom Tree


It’s illuminated and draped with LED making your garden full of life in this Yuletide season. Passersby will surely be amazed and enchanted on your garden’s latest festive lighting attraction.


  • Stunning enchanted tree
  • Up to 50,000 hours of light
  • Bright LED lights
  • Top rated


  • Expensive
  • Cable length is only 3 meters

  Best Review From Customers

I was really pleased with both the price and quality this item. I bought two to put outside the house at Christmas and they looked really impressive. The ice white lights are very bright and added a real focal point at the front of my house over the Christmas period. They attracted many admiring comments from my neighbours and those visiting me over Christmas and although they are safely tucked away again now they will certainly be taking pride of place in front of my house again next year.

Worst Customer Review

Bought two of these for Xmas 2106 – all bulbs working but one tree a different shade to the other! Recently unpacked and setup for this Xmas… 1/8th of the bulbs on each tree now do not work.Not sure why because they’ve lived in a box for a year?

dirty pro tools™ METAL GARDEN SHED External 9ft 11″ x 7Ft 9″ With internal floor base


If you wanted to take your garden festive lights to a higher level, then these commercial-grade Christmas string lights are your best bet. Decorate this to your garden, yards, and decks,  and see it gleam like no one else in your neighborhood. 

It features 5 sets of the 42-foot strings that can be safely be connected at both ends. This Christmas String Lights alone will make your garden shine the brightest, yet its lights remain economical.

See it in action with this video.


  • Heavy duty
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Economical


  • Powered with incandescent bulbs only
  • Available only abroad

  Best Review From Customers

“I bought these lights for my granddaughter to string around her bedroom ceiling. Her walls are gray/taupe, so the brown wire very much blends in. Her room now has the most amazing atmosphere. And what to say about the price?!?!? I couldn’t believe I could get 40′ of lights for so little! This has made me and my granddaughter very happy!.”

Worst Customer Review

“String color is brown, as advertised, but the bulb-holder has turned green after 2 months. (sun?) Had to mess with one line to get it to light. (only 1/2 of string lit).”

Set of 4 multicolour LED spiral Trees, Plastic,


It’s the season to be jolly and make your garden both stylish and amusing with these

Christmas lights by Pathfinder. Bring home the winter wonderland experience with these

tree-shaped enveloped with LED lights.


  • Stylish
  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • Bright LED lights


  • Items are smaller than expected
  • Other alternative brands are cheaper

  Best Review From Customers

“Look amazing.. bright and durable!.”

Worst Customer Review

My dad was super excited to see these spiral Christmas lights arrive, we’ve finally got the kind of house you can go all out on the lights and we have to reign in the Griswold effect occasionally! These spiral trees I envisaged dotting around our rockery/zen garden come December to add a little whimsy to our usual tasteful warm white adornments.
The design is very ethereal from a distance which is lovely, it really looks like ‘fairy lights’ in the style of that Fantasia sequence in the dark with the red green and blue LEDs- we tested them out as moodlighting during our family fireworks and it added a magical glow- my young daughters were especially taken with the ‘fairy trees’.
The wire before the lights start is about 5m which is plenty room to stretch from one of our outside points across the lawn to in front of the steps up to our lawn and frame either side nicely, it’s also a green colour which means it blends better into the grass In daylight.

My only quibble with the aesthetics is that there was a very heavy use of blue which can make some people’s heads and eyes go funny (mine for one if too bright/close) and I would’ve preferred a multifunction option such as static or twinkly changing or chasing lights (and yes the mad flashing for those who like that!) and perhaps a yellow/white and RGB option to cover a wider range of looks and appeal to a wider market with a catch all product.
Another point to make is that the transformer MUST be sited either inside or in a waterproof exterior box which is sensible, we have properly installed boxed-style exterior power points but still use some interior points to run certain pieces from, this would probably be installed with one of our interior points for weather safety.

Overall I really like these trees but the heavy use of blue is a bit of a disappointment as it can be migraine inducing for me if I’m not careful, but otherwise they are a pretty cool addition to outside lighting!

Falling Rain Christmas Lights Meteor Shower


Decorate your yard and garden with these falling rain Christmas lights with twinkling effect, and your neighborhood will never be the same. It features a switch that controls the varying speeds slow, fast, and steady.


  • Stylish, meteor shower or falling rain lighting effects
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to set up
  • LED tube lights


  • Items are smaller than advertised

  Best Review From Customers

“Got these to hang on a tree for the winter. Nice bright lights with good effect. Tacked them to the tree with a few cable clips and ran the cable to a nearby outdoor socket. They look great and work nicely. Happy with my purchase.”

Worst Customer Review

None at this present time.


On several occasions, lights have been considered as mood triggers of positivity and security. Thus, as a homeowner, your garden lightings must be given attention, especially if your family liked to spend time there. Light up your garden with the best festive lights you can have now, and when done properly, your yard will be much alive like never before.

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