Best Tips For Buying Garden Sheds Online

Looking for The Best Deals on Garden Sheds Online

Garden sheds online can be a tedious process searching to find the best deal to buy a garden shed.

In this article I have given an insight to choose the right one. Information on different types with the pro’s & cons so you can make an informal choice.

I hope this will help you on your quest. I have added some links to check out of garden sheds that stand out for me.

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Best tips for buying garden sheds online

Best Wooden garden sheds

With the abundance of garden sheds online it is easy to get confused. Majority are used for household purposes.

Wooden garden sheds are commonly used for storing of basic garden tools, to keep it safe from extreme weather conditions, outdoor furniture and children’s old toys.

Other different varieties are built to store bikes, firewood and wheelie bins. It is important to have the main purpose of storage in mind before looking for a storage solution.

I say this for a very good reason. By knowing the prime use it will determine the material and size of the garden storage that is best suited for your needs.

I will explain, if you just need to store a bike or two. All that is required is a 6’ x 3’ shed with double doors in the 6’ side. It will allow you to park a bike inside sideways creating very simply access.

Of course, material can be either wood, plastic or metal, but the size will be the main influence on the price.

Once size and store requirements are established now I can give you good tips to get the ideal shed you require.

Searching online

If the choice is to go with a wooden garden shed there are a few things I recommend you look for.

The first being the cladding on the panels of the shed. Commonly used are two main types.

Overlap boards are the cheap option. Like fence panels that are called feather board. As the name suggests the boards overlap one another to form a run off for the rain.

Overlap  problems

The problem with the overlap board is they are rough sawn that acts a little bit like a sponge.

Any water or wood treatment is absorbed very quickly. If it is water swelling are shrinking will be maximise causing warping and timber to split.

This can be reduced by checking the thickness of the boards, thinner the board the more problems will occur.

So importantly choose the thicker overlap boards to begin with. Like I mentioned overlap sheds are cheap.

This does not need to put you completely off as there are some easy wats to make it a very suitable storage if one is purchased.

Making sure that each board is nailed were they overlap with the nail going into both boards will reduce warping.

I also state that all wooden structures need protection from weathering. A quality wood protective treatment must be applied as soon as possible.

On some seller that offer long guarantees they require regular timber treatment to make the guarantee valid with evidence and dates.

This is not a bad thing, if regular maintenance is achieved your shed will last a long time.

Secondly, check the frame thickness used to make the shed. I recommend looking for thicknesses that are at least 45 mm x 28 mm. Anything less and it will be on the flimsy side.

Decent examples of overlap sheds are made by Waltons & BillOh  are reasonable prices and well made.

Another well known brand worth checking out is Forest, all make good overlap sheds some with 10 years guarantee.

 Waltons Wooden Garden Shed 6×4

Overlap shed that is one of the best buys around. Rustic in appearance and easy on the pocket. With tender loving care it will provide decent storage for garden tools and a lawnmower. Suitable for a bie or two.


Overlap garden Shed

  • Premium quality materials – FSC Certified Timber
  • Supplied pre-treated and with 10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee
  • 8mm overlap cladding, 28mm x 28mm framing, solid sheet floor and roof
  • Shatterproof styrene windows, felt roof included
  • Waltons sheds are manufactured in the UK and supplied with felt, floor and pre-treated.


55 Customer rating Scoring

Scoring over 70% is a good score for a wooden shed. As this is an overlap shed it score highly in comparison to similar sheds axailable

See the latest price at Amazon CLICK HERE

Wooden garden Shed Guarantees


The terms of a guarantee should be read closely, but you will see that a regular maintenance plan to the shed.

It must be kept, along with photographic evidence with dates to prove you have done the necessary requirements for the guarantee to be honoured.

The upkeep of a wooden shed is paramount for a longer lasting building.

If these steps are taken with all wooden sheds, they too will last a long time. This in mind choosing a cheaper wooden shed that does not have a guarantee is not cause for concern.

But I say do not dismiss unbranded items as this can be a bargain finding option if the tips I mentioned are taken.

Guarantees on pressure treated sheds on warrants the timber against rot and bug infestation.

Pressure treatment does not waterproof the timber and will need to be sealed. Before sealing make sure the wood has dried out properly from the treatment.

It takes 3-6 months and will look a light shade of green. Then sealing should be applied for the best results.

All what I have mentioned should be carried out on all wooden buildings. I would opt for untreated or dip treated versions. This can work out the cheapest option.

Tongue & Groove Cladding


Garden sheds that are made with tongue and groove are my recommended option. The boards interlock each other creating a tight join repelling water more effectively.

The finish is smooth and easy to apply any sealing application. I suggest looking at descriptions and selecting the redwood variety rather than the white.

Reasons for this is redwood has less knots and finish is smoother. The name can be misleading as the natural colour of the timber is almost identical.

here is a good quality tongue and groove pent roof shed. Made with very strong framing ,quality cladding with excellent ironmongery. A super garden shed that is priced to please.

Wooden Pent Shed Garden Shed 6 x 5 ft

Check the latest price a Amazon CLICK HERE


2 Customer ratings scoring

  • Top Quality Pre-Dipped Treated Timber Buildings Hand Made To A High Specification
  • 13mm Shiplap T&G Cladding, 38mm x 50mm Framework Throughout, 18mm Floor Boards
  • Buy Direct From The Manufacturer. Customisation Is Possible Please Enquire
  • Price Includes Delivery (please see description for more details as restrictions apply)
  • Full Installation/Fitting For Only £49.00 (please enquire for more information)

I fully recommend this little shed. It is built stronger than some larger sheds with the robust framing used in its construction. I oozes quality with a thick cladding at 13 mm.

Note that dip treatment will not protect or seal the timber. I recommend using a solvent based wood protective treated on the day of installation.

Larger garden sheds

The maximum stature of the shed is 4 meters generally, and it must not be facing towards the road. Keep in mind the dimensions can be customised according to the needs of the homeowner.

Project Timber Sheds

Its size:

The size of the shed depends on the need and intent for which the shed must be used. Bigger sized sheds are best suited for storing large items that are not affected by extreme weather. The size of the shed also depends upon the area available in your house.

With an increase in demand, many people pick up the choice of firewood sheds. They came in different styles like open-sided having raised floors with a pitched roof.

When it comes to selecting a bigger shed try to look at tongue & groove cladding.

A building boarded with T & G is more suitable giving a sturdier finish. Framing of at least 50 mm x 38 mm is surely going to be strong enough to construct and increase durability.

I recommend looking for brands like Project Timber and Dunster house that produce a large quality garden shed or workshop.

They may seem a little expensive but will save you money in the long term. Keeping more valuable items inside safe and dry.

These heavy-duty wooden sheds are much different to the average garden shed. Feeling much heavier in comparison suggesting the strength difference is quite considerable.

The ground preparations

When it comes to the ground or base preparations for the shed to be sited there are a few options.

Firstly, a base must be very level and is of upmost importance. Concrete slabs are a common choice and are very suitable. This preparation can be hard work and messy. With no experience laying down slabs can be difficult getting the base level.

I can recommend a simpler solution that is readily available. It comes in the form of plastic square grids that interlock. This system is called ECO base making the preparation of a suitable base easier and a tidier option.

The ECO base system however is not suitable for ground that has a very distinct slope.

This is more suited for the Quickjack wooden frame.

QuickJack system allows you to adjust legs on the frame that will level up on some pretty bad sloped areas of the garden. Siting the shed on this framework is easy, but can lift the front of the shed to a height that the introduction of steps is necessary to gain access.

The base of the shed is balanced with the aid of tools available, and its top structure is sloped to avoid extreme conditional hazards stuck on the top.

For example, snow can cause moisture and damp the surface so all the material will be shed off due to the slope feature.

The open concept

A good airflow means it will keep away from fungal attacks.

Wooden sheds are mostly designed for garden use so extreme weathers can cause moisture and can create dryness.

Ultimately becomes the reason of adverse effects so keep your sheds designing according to the use of the shed and items being stored in the shed.

Benefits of wooden garden sheds

Wooden garden sheds are mostly used for gardening tools, kits and other accessories that you don’t want to expose.

Larger sizes are regularly used as a garden workshop.  Any garden building in my view is far more attractive than storage made from other materials.

If you do not mind the regular maintence that is required they can be a very eye-catching feature of the garden.

The natural materials the shed is made from blends perfectly with garden surroundings.

Customising any wooden structure is a real possibility with absolute fabulous results being achieved.

Basically, it can be used as a store, and you can keep old furniture by adding shelves you can organise it better. There is no hard and fast rule just to put garden related tools. In fact, you can add carpeting tools, carpentry tools, and chainsaw.

You may also store garage related items like extra tyres. Many things in houses do not need to be disposed of instead can be used sooner or later, so put

them in a store or backyard shed.

Wooden sheds have old looks and have a right blend with the green environment and are very economical as compare to other materials like vinyl, plastic and metal. Wooden sheds can be resourced easily and renewable instead the other one.

Purchasing a used shed

It’s quite technical, but obviously, all depend on your budget and requirements. You can do a search in the online world and if you need quality than obviously catch some trustworthy source.

To ensure that you are not duped in case of used sheds points to remember are the life of the shed, material used, the current condition and why the owner is disposing of.

If you are purchasing online many websites offer buyers protection; otherwise, you can search near local territory.

What sheds are the best?

It is challenging to analyse the best shed but yes in case of wooden sheds mostly homeowners prefer wooden sheds for garden and to make them reliable for any kind of weather effects we must consider critical points that are:

solid wood, good pressurised paint and the most importantly its maintenance.

Proper care and subjected points can help you make your money and asset resist for a long time.

What size shed do i need?

Obviously, the size varies for every individual’s need and requirements. But the standard size is 10 ft x 12 ft which is almost 120 square ft. You may find this size if you are buying readymade.

This is the standard size available in this industry instead you can opt to customise a wooden shed with more dimensions.

What shed materials are best?

Materials play a very vital role in the reliability of the assets. Before purchasing an item, which is not regular, one must be aware of the technical metrics need to be considered while investing a handsome amount.

The right choice of wood like timber with a high-pressure preservative coating that deep dive into the grains can make your asset long lasting, and you can use your item in all the extreme weathers. There are many materials available in the current industry.

Which can be vinyl, resin and plastic but wood is a wise choice.

In fact, it’s a solid choice.

Let’s dig down which wood is considered to be best. While considering the material for garden storage sheds, like aforementioned timber would be the right choice in such cases.

But with combination of pressurising paint which overcomes the vacuums and moisture and stays away the wood boring insects apart from this it keeps us away from the fungal attacks.

All these points are important but keep in mind all wooden garden sheds need regular weather as their colour gets fade due to external weather.

In case of timber make sure the supplier verified the FSC stamp.

Plastic Sheds

Like wooden sheds, manufacturers can make sheds in plastic material as it seems less expensive as compared to the other material, but it did not give that much good ambience especially in gardens.

Apart from the ambience reliability wise, it’s not a good choice as extreme weather causes denting in the plastic. But these sheds have an advantage on wood in their fitting kits and maintenance.

Although the top brands are made of the ultimately strong polycarbonate and reinforced with steel. Some are even fireproof and very strong. I would say making a very secure storage building if there are good locks fitted.

Keter Manor Plastic Garden Storage Shed 6 x 5 ft

See latest price at amazon CLICK HERE

Keter manor is an excellent choice for a plastic shed. It looks very fashionable and the low price is a must have. It does not end there see the customer rating score as it says it all.


290 custermers ratings scores

  • Ideal outdoor storage solution for all garden tools and equipment, BBQ’s, bicycles and DIY tools
  • Elegant wood affect exterior with double doors, plus ventilation ducts for air circulation
  • Floor panel with integral window for natural lighting and padlock hasp for optional added security
  • Made out of a durable, maintenance and fade-free weather-resistant plastic. It is resistant to rot, decay and other damage
  • Assembled external dimensions:: 152 x 185 x 226 cm (L x W x H); internal dimensions: 138 x 169 x 219 cm (L x W x H)
  • Capacity : 4,791.2 L

Look for top brands

Top brands to look out for are Keter, Palram and Duramax. Keter is probably the most well-known.

They do produce quite a few different models in the garden shed & storage market, being popular by demand says a lot for Keter providing a strong easy to assemble unit.

Having very good ratings by customers overall. Only thing I will say is that they are sold by some sellers at an expensive price.

When it comes to heavy duty plastic garden sheds there really is only two choices. Lifetime sheds and Suncast resin sheds are the pinicle. Expensive as they are they do exceed other brands in nearly every department as there quality shines through.

Duramax which is an import from USA combining good looks with strength. Simple to install between two people.

Extremely popular and the only fault being it arrives in one large very heavy box. Otherwise reviews are mostly positive over a large customer base.

Duramax is another brand I would certainly recommend. The prices come out a little cheaper than Keter and offer almost the same values.

The key advantage is that Plastic sheds are maintenance free. A great addition fact is termites did not suspect insects and cleaning is very much comfortable.

If you are worried about the fire, rot, fire resistance or scared from termites than metal sheds are the best choices.

Palram are just windowless storage sheds. They come in many sizes up to 20’ x 10’. The main outstanding attribute is they are almost unbreakable.

Security in mind you can choose less effective brands. Simple installation following well detailed instructions. I would recommend Palram due to the affordability plus the secure storage it provides is great value.

Are Metal Sheds Any Good?

They are created with galvanised and aluminium sheets patched to frames of metal. On the other hand, these sheds are not the cost-optimised solution, and their kits and fitting are also difficult to fix.

Main issue is the number of pieces Ans parts. I recommend separating all the parts to begin with in piles. Follow the instructions carefully.

Note read the whole of the instructions first before assembling anything.

Take you time and assemble. If you get stuck or frustrated take a tea break and give yourself time to carry on. This can work very well and before you know it the metal storage is finished.

Metal storage sheds are worth a look. They are more suitable  in a concreted yard but are still used in gardens.

I would recommend a steel storage for bikes and simple tools. I have seen plenty of cheap units ideal for this purpose the main brand being Yardmaster.

Yardmaster Metal Sheds

Yardmaster do provide a value for money product and cheap enough to buy. Not a very strong or secure if this is your intent, but the do provide a decebt garden storage option to keep garden tools and any other garden item.


Heavy Duty metal Sheds


If it is security, you are looking for in a metal shed there are three stand out models.

The virtually impregnable Biohort Titan series. The Titan  made with much thicker metal. The locking system resembling a money safe.

The Biohort are pure quality and stunning looking as well as really delivering a secure unit.

The other being the Duramax Palladium, this really stands out. Sleek looking one of its kind with bullish strength is a very secure storage for items like quad bikes.

I would recommend any of these if security is the key purpose for storage.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours, and that’s all depend on your requirements and need to opt out the material.

Base’s for sheds.

For any structure, the base must be strong, fine and reliable as a structure’s reliability is dependent on the base.

Every garden shed requires appropriate support. A fine base can increase the life of your shed.

A slab usually made up of concrete is the perfect choice for a suitable base. Base prepared before the installation.

Garden sheds can sited on concrete slabs, but it requires proper ground preparation like levelling and balance of the ground.

This would be an excellent choice for modern-day designs that just not only provide us with an appealing ambience, but it promotes the durability to our assets.

Concrete slabs are available in different textures, grains, designs, colours and dimensions.

QuickJACK is a great choice for making a base directly on your lawn. It also a fantastic solution for siting a shed on uneven ground even if the ground is sloping. Quick and simple with no mess like building a slab or concrete base.

The price may seem a little costly but in comparison to slabs or concrete it is the cheaper option and a lot faster.


Price for 6 x 4 ft click HERE

Price for 8 x 6 ft click HERE

Price for 8 x 7 ft click HERE

Price for 10 x 8 ft click HERE

Price for 12 x 8 ft and 12 x 10 ft click HERE

  • PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE TIMBER FRAME – Simply make a frame to suit your shed out of 4×2 timbers and attach it to the QuickJacks. KIT COMPONENTS LIST INCLUDED ON LISTING IMAGES
  • Adjustable base system for garden buildings. Keeps your timbers dry and ventilated.
  • Easy to fit and Quick to level on ground with up to 8 inches of slope.
  • Bright zinc coated commercial grade components come with 10 year warranty.
  • No ground work required. No specialist skills or equipment needed. QuickJacks help to anchor your building.

Points to ponder are base must be as flat as possible and should not be uneven, there is no room for any dents and dips.

One key point is to check the place properly as any place near the tree is not suitable as the roots of big trees blow up from the ground and can destroy your floor.

A framing structure is led when placing down a shed floor so levelling must be proper.

If you are unable to proceed with a good base it may lead to windows leakage, door problems, rooftops can leak, and you can suffer from worse conditions.

Usually, manufacturing companies give no warranty on structure and framework and refuse to take any liability.

So make sure you are fully empowered to verify the base structure if it is up to the mark move on otherwise you can simply negate to the installation kit.

The Shed Floor.

A properly built floor is very much essential for the durability and life of the wooden sheds.

The strength of the floor must be considered according to the use of the shed if it is supposed to be used for heavy items than a good strength is required. It is obvious you may overrun the cost if you increase the thickness of the material using for the sheds.

Usually, OSB boards ply is used in materials but this material is not suitable in case your storage items are heavy and as extreme weathers create fungus and moisture in extreme climates ruin the material quickly.

Ply boards:

To avoid worse situations and to make your asset worthwhile ply boards are used these boards are mainly thin layers of the timber sheets bonded with each other.

Ply boards have more resistance for the damp and moist environment rather than the OSB boards.

OSB board

Layers start opening with excessive moisture and ultimately the life of the shed decreases.

Tips and tricks:

Moisture penetration can be avoided by using oil, but it’s not recommended for long time solutions.

Timber ply board when you are thinking about reliable assets and talking about long life the smartest choice must be considered and yes timber planks are good for a stable floor.

Mostly these planks are available with the thickness of 16 mm. But again as per the requirements framing structures must be revamped.

If we are using 16 mm thickness and underneath framing is too far, then it will bend the floor.

If the framing is too close, it increases the potential for carrying heavy weight items in fact reliability will be for the long run. A wood productive treatment is mandatory in the downside to avoid swelling and shrinking. Many damp repellents are available in the market.

The Shed Roof

The roof of your shed is just like the cherry on the top. It is just like the crown. As the roof shed is always designed in a slope to fight against snow, rain and wind.

If I am looking for the purpose, the shed is serving than yes it is serving for a crucial point and the material and choice must be wise so that you do not need to replace the shed roof again and again.

Two things need to be considered while designing roof shed is an appealing design and the material used to resist the extreme weather conditions. Span must be created according to the width.

For large size of the span

Large spans a supporting frame is required for proper balance. For larger apex wooden trusses are needed and probably the smartest choice.

We can use joists to stay away from roof bowing. Joist usually used in beams to transfer loads same is the case with framing the span so we can use joist for firm framing.

Wooden planks

I am in no doubt wooden planks are strong. But it puts a lot of weight on the framing structure.

Framing is not installed accurately it will leak as extreme weathers result in shrinking the material and leaves behind some gaps. Protective treatment is essential to avoid this problem.

Tongue and groove is another good choice, but it is more expensive than the wooden planks.

This technique does not leave any gaps between the interlocking. Some great examples of tongue and groove sheds on the market if this is something you are considering opt for thicker boards.

Minimum thickness being 12 mm, thicker it goes the stronger. Strength can also be increased by the supporting framework. I would say space between each frame bearer is approximately 18” to 2’ apart, but closer the more strength can be added.

Garden Sheds

DISCLAiMER is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program, an affiliate Designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, )





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