Top 3 Wooden Sheds For A Garden

Top 3 Wooden Sheds For Your Garden.

Research the best Value For Money Garden sheds On The market.

I have spent hours checking across the marketplace. First thing that i realised was the amount of sheds available. This must be so overwhelming with descriptions sounding very much the same. Making any kind of choice hoping the best one is the shed you have chosen.

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well i have took time to bypass all the confusion for you and you so insights on three contenders and the reasons why. A lot of people searching for a shed are looking to buy one that is between the sizes 6 x 4 to 8 x 6 and of course relatively cheap.

It is usually right ehen you hear the phrase “you get what you pay for” well this can be true, but me like everyone else likes to feel they got a good deal.


Brand Names

I will start with the different brands that crop up on a regular basis.  Searching for a wooden garden shed. If you have recognised the following brands you have been looking long and hard.

Names such as BillyOh, Waltons, Forest, account for a large number of sheds online.

They provide the standard wooden sheds with two basic cladding types, firstly overlap and the other tongue & groove.

Overlap is the cheapest option and if you look at it from the side it is a wedge shape.  Overlaps one another to form a water run off.

The only major thing wrong with this type of cladding.  Manufacturer does not overlap the boards enough gaps will start to appear.



overlap board

This is caused by nail does not pin both boards together. Also attaching them  to the framing were they overlap.So these are the main pitfalls to be aware of.

Enhancing The Lifespan of a Wooden Shed

Now the main thing is that they are cheap so i would recommend that if you decide on a cheaper shed this is worth a go. Make sure that all the boards are nailed together on the overlap were it looks dubious pin in some extra nails. This will not take too long to do. This will help prevent wood warping and no gaps appearing.

Now this is a must with all wooden outdoor products seal the wood. This prevent weathering and the absorption of moisture that will create numerous problems with the shrinking and swelling of the timber. It to applies to any pressure treated wood.

Wood sealers

Wood sealers are solvent based. any water based timber coating is not effective for the job. If a water based product is the desired effect it can be applied after a solvent sealer has been applied to the wood.

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Different varieties of sealer are available in different colours including clear. I seem to like Barrattine for the exterior. It can really transform the appearance to something more expensive on view. Now i have given a few tips lets look at what wooden garden shed that i would recommend to by that is cost effective.

The First Choice For Cheap with Value

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The one i have chose that stands out to me is made by Waltons.

This reputable company has produced a little gem if it is a small general purpose storage shed you are looking for. Big enough so you can stand inside if you are an average height. Ideal for some garden tools and other gardening items.

A lawnmower can fit inside comfortably. very well made but is only dip treated. dip treated is a water based colouring and offers no wood protection .

Even though some sellers say otherwise, so application of a solvent based protective treatment is necessary preferably before the assembly.

The installation is very simple and providing a good solid level foundation is prepared there should not be a problem. I would highly recommend this small shed as it offer great value for the money.

Tongue & Groove Wooden Sheds

Coming to the tongue & groove cladding which is superior to overlap.

So that boards inter lock with the tongue of one side of a board being received by the groove of the other.

Machined to this profile, produces smooth finish. Whereas overlap is rough sawn.

The processing of tongue and groove does get past down to the consumer with the added expense.

It does make the cladding a perfect material to use in shed building creating very good protection of wet weather.

You will find listings saying that they have been pressure treated. This is done buy injecting the timber with a anti rot chemical that stands up to damp for a number of years.

It also protects against bug infestation that will devour timber. As we live in the UK we are void of termites which are the main notorious wood destroyers. Here we have wood lice that will eat wood that has began rotting.

Is Pressure Treated Sheds worth The price?

So what i am trying to say is that pressure treated timber is more expensive and the benefits are not that great.

I know that all outdoor timber will need sealing with protective treatment anyway and that achieves the 50% what pressure treated wood offers.

Another thing about pressure treated products is they take a long time to fully dry out. This results in gaps appearing in a building that has used this cladding before it is fully dry.

Many of customers complain about this only to be told it will close up when it is damp weather “really”.

A fully dry tanalised shed will look a very pale green, but much darker when it is not properly dried out. Bearing in mind that drying can take as long as six months.

My choice would definitely be for untreated timber every time and protect it myself which is simple.

It can also be whatever colour i want to look amazing and blend into the garden surroundings.

Which tongue & Groove Shed?

I am going to suggest one of the main sizes people want for their back garden. A 8 x 6 is one of the most common choice across the UK.

The first thing i look for in the item description is the thickness of the boards . What i mean is the tongue & groove cladding.

A thickness of 12 mm is the thickness i recommend. This give a good strong construction. beware so categorised sheds sound cheap , but the thickness off the cladding is 9 mm and is inadequate.

This is too thin and will break and get damaged easily. The thickness of the frame is what i look for next. Thin frame is okay for small shed up to 6 x 4 “when i say thin about an 1” square, or 28 mm x 28 mm.

8 x 6 ft apex double door overlap pressure treated shed

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Larger sheds like an 8′ x 6′ need to be built with thicker frame. This is due to the fact the span of the roof is wider and framing needs to be stronger to prevent sagging. Frame size of a minimum of 2″ x 1″ or 45 mm x 28 mm or greater is perfect.

here is a Heavy Duty Pent Shed that i have recommended. It ticks all the boxes, but it is from an unbranded shed supplier.

This does not concern me to much and has a excellent review.

I have read the description and it says that cladding is 13 mm, it can only be this size if it is pressure treated, that makes 12 mm tongue & groove swell to 13 mm. On the other hand it is still thick enough to have a well constructed shed.

I am not going to mention the price as you be able to see it for yourself, but it surprised me. I would definitely call this a hidden gem.

10′ x 8′ Large Shed popular Size

I come to the last of three, but no means least. Out of the larger sheds that are available in different sizes 10′ x 8′ is the most sort after.

In larger sheds were the span of the roof is greater extra support in the roof like trusses are a good sign. The frame and cladding thickness can be the same as mentioned for the 8′ x 6′.

The addition of double doors is another factor because a larger shed means storing bigger items.

Also with double door it has the ability to become a workshop being able to get a work bench inside. Finally, Head room. Having good headroom to move around inside easily without the fear of banging your head.

10 x 8 wooden shed

This is the perfect match to my criteria from Forest.

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Buy a Wooden Shed 

Superb headroom inside, double doors and 4 windows. The roof has an addition truss to prevent sagging.

The door are fully braced and comes with a floor like all sheds should,”but not always”.

This is my recommended 10′ x 8′ shed/workshop. After protective treatment has been applied it will look fabulous.

Up keep all wooden sheds is essential and will increase the life span considerably. Once you have added the recommended suggestions i have talked about you will be happily surprised with the results.

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