Top Picks For 10 x 8 Sheds For Your Garden

10 x 8 sheds are the perfect size to store excess clutter.

10 x 8 sheds are an important part of your garden. It is important to keep your garden clutter-free and attractive. Sentry sheds play an important role in providing you a storage area where you can safely keep all your garden utilities and make the best use of the available space.

If your motive behind bringing garden shed is not just storing the utilities but also to make a comfy space for yourself, then you should probably think about 10 x 8 shed

Top picks for 10 x 8 sheds for your garden

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Finding the ideal 10 x 8 garden shed can be a struggle if you are not acquainted with the right way to go about it. There are plenty of things that you need to consider before getting hands-on the ideal product. From color to the size of the sheds, everything needs to fall into place to make a smart purchase. To further ease your hassle of finding the right product, I have prepared the list of factors that you must look into before buying your ideal 10 x 8 garden shed

 Balance of Price and Quality

When it comes to buying 10 x 8 garden sheds that are larger in space and size, you would need to create a balance between the price and quality of the product. Go for products that are cost-efficient but at the same time does not compromise with the quality. 


Today garden sheds, especially the 10 x 8 ones are considered as a décor item for your garden. You can choose the design of your shed according to the theme of your garden. Your shed design will make add to the overall appeal of your garden. 

Wall and Siding Material

For a 10 x 8 garden shed, the wall and sliding materials are extremely important. You would not want to end up buying a poor quality product and suffer afterward. Go for wood, metal or plastic when it comes to choosing materials.

Foundation and Flooring

Garden sheds (10 x 8) need flooring and a majority of materials like metals and plastic do not come with flooring. You need to add the floor with external materials like concrete, plywood, pebbles, etc. Regardless of your shed, you need to establish a strong foundation and flooring.

Top Picks For Your 10 x 8 Garden Shed 

After you have learned the ideal way of buying the 10 x 8 sheds for your garden, it’s time to filter out some products that are popular in the market. 

 Duramax 10×8 Wood Side Vinyl Shed

When it comes to 10 x 8 garden shades you would need to go for something durable and worth the investment. This Duramax product is just the right choice for you. It comes with wide double doors with three windows. It is made with strong metal for extra durability.


Duramax Woodside Features
  • Includes Foundation Kit and 3 Shatterproof Windows
  • It comes with clear instructions for a hassle-free assembly
  • You will never need to treat or paint the structure
  • It will not rust, dent, rot, mildew or fade
  • Wide and Tall double doors (W 154 x H 182 cm), includes door handles with padlock eyes
  • Reinforced metal structure and roof truss support that can handle 20 lbs/sq ft of snow load
  • Ventilation system for better air circulation inside the shed

Product features:

  • External Dimensions (L x W x H): 324.8 x 247 x 233.2 cm
  • Internal Dimensions (L x W x H): 313.3 x 234.3 x 208 cm
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Ivory and Brown


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  • Anti-rust and dust coating
  • Easy to install
  • Wide double doors and shatterproof windows
  • Strong metal


  • Delivered in one large heavy box


Duramax Woodside Customer Review Score

Rowlison 10 x 8 Woodvale Metal Shed

Garden shed is also a great décor item for your garden. This Rowilson 10 x 8 garden shed is something that you would want to deck your garden with. It comes in a coffee painted color that gives a rusty look to the shed.


Rowlinson Woodvale Features
  • Attractive wood grain shiplap-look wall panels
  • pre-painted coffee coloured
  • double lockable sliding doors
  • fire and rot resistant
  • low maintenance
 Care and Maintenance Finish:

For long lasting finish, periodically clean and wax the exterior surface.

Touch up scratches as soon as you notice them on your building. Immediately clean the area with a wire brush; wash it and apply touch up paint per manufacturer’s recommendation.


Keep roof clean of leaves and snow with long handled, soft bristled broom. Heavy amounts
of snow on roof can damage the building making it unsafe to enter.


Keep doors closed to prevent wind damage.
Fasteners: Regularly check your building for loose screws, bolts, nuts, etc. and retighten them as


With changing temperatures, condensation can accumulate inside the building.

Other Tips:

A non-corrosive caulking is helpful to seal the building. Do not store swimming pool chemical in your building. Combustibles and corrosives must be stored
in airtight containers.


  • Rot and fire-resistant
  • Double sliding doors
  • Shiplap wall panels
  • Low maintenance and easy to install


  • Flimsy panels

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Rowlinson Woodvale Reviews Score

 Forest Garden 10 x 8 Apex Garden Shed

A standalone 10 x 8 garden shed that establishes its prominence with its look, Forest Garden Apex garden shed is both attractive and functional. It comes with strong double doors with hidden door hinges.

The Pressure treated overlap 10 x 8 apex workshop from forest has no windows, providing you with increased protection of your belongings, as they are not left on show.

It also comes with hidden hinges and a hasp and staple latch that can be padlocked (padlock not included).

The strong double doors are braced with double framing.

This security workshop is manufactured from straight cut timber boards. They are overlapped during construction.

This aids water run-off and allows for natural movement of the timber so it can adapt to the changing weather conditions.

The pressure treated solid timber boarded floor allows for the storage of heavier items such as lawnmowers or bags of compost.

Forest 10 x 8 ft Features


  • Straight cut, overlap timber board construction
  • Attractive smooth-planed finial and barge boards
  • No windows so your possessions are not on show
  • Strong double doors with double Z framing and hidden door hinges and hasp and staple latch for security (padlock not included)


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  • Double Z framing
  • Strong double doors
  • Smooth planed finial and barge boards
  • Latch security


  • No windows
  • Requires water sealing to the timber
  • Overlap boards can warp and twist


Forest 10 x 8 ft Reviews Score

Yardmaster 10 x 8 Deluxe Apex Metal Shed

When it comes to the metal shed, Yardmaster is the best pick for you. It comes with tall gables making more headroom. The shed has an overlapping double sliding door for a modular touch.



Offers great value for money as well as plenty of customer that purchased the Yardmaster Deluxe.

Features :
  • Extra tall gables for more headroom
  • Neatly profiled panels with internal bracing for superior strength
  • Overlapping double sliding doors with lockable handles, attached with anti-tamper bolts
  • Includes free anchor fixings and DIY assembly manual with UK customer helpline
  • 12 year anti-rust guarantee, premium hot dipped galvanised steel construction


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  • Easy to install
  • 12-year anti rut guarantee
  • Overlapping double sliding doors
  • Panels with internal bracing


  • Prone to dents

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Yardmaster Deluxe Reviews Score

Waltons EST. 1878 10 x 8 Shiplap Storage Shed

The final product in the line is Waltons garden shed which is known for its FSC Certified timber that speaks for its quality. It comes with a whopping 15-year anti-rot guarantee on the pressure treated timber.

  • Interlocking tongue and groove timbers – FSC Certified Timber
  • 15 Year Anti Rot Guarantee – Pressure treated timber creates a durable finish
  • Includes roofing felt & butterfly catch
  • 12mm shiplap cladding – Provides professional finish and prevents water ingress .
  • Supplied as a DIY kit with instructions, fixings and is factory dip treated for protection during transit


  • Interlocking system
  • Butterfly catch and roofing felt
  • Shiplap cladding Strong 12 mm thick
  • Prevents water ingress
  • Simply to assemble


  • Quite expensive, but better quality
  • Needs anual maintenance

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Waltons 10 x 8 Review Score


Take a look at some frequently asked question related to 10 x 8 garden sheds:-


Are Large Garden Sheds Worth the Investment?

If you are looking for sheds that not only serve the purpose of storage but also provides you a roomy space, then you can definitely think about 10 x 8 garden sheds.

All the 10 x 8 Garden Sheds Are Waterproof?

It is not necessary that all the products come with waterproof protection, though a majority of garden sheds are waterproof these days. 

With or Without Windows? Which is Better?

Garden sheds come with and without windows, both. It depends on your personal preferences to decide whether you need windows or not. 


Buying a 10 x 8 garden shed is important to make your garden look clean and beautiful. The 10 x 8 garden sheds are not just for storage purposes, but they also provide a beautiful area to sit in your garden. Buying a 10 x 8 shed can be a daunting task if you are not aware of the right way to make the process. 


The above mentioned were some of my preferred picks for the 10 x 8 garden sheds. All the products have proven their significance in their respective features. You just need to streamline your requirements and filter out the best products that ideally fit in your needs. When you are out buying a 10 x 8 garden shed for garden, make sure to keep this buying guide and top picks to make your purchase journey a lot simpler. 


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