Wooden Sheds for Sale

Wooden Sheds for Sale

Aston Sheds UK have a great selection of Wooden sheds for sale for an easy way to shop with a super choice available. Astonshedsuk.com provide a great variety of wooden garden sheds for sale, offering affordable overlap cladding sheds that are good quality for simple storage of tools & Mowers. Heavy duty shiplap versions providing a polished smooth finish at a higher standard.
Natural, Dip treted and pressure treated sheds that come with a 10 or 15 year anti rot guarantee are definitely worth considering to avoid regular maintenance.
Whatever your requirements you can be sure to find the wooden shed here at Aston Sheds Uk perfect for you.

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Tongue and Groove Wooden Sheds for Sale

Tongue and groove wooden sheds for sale are a better-quality finish. Planed smooth cladding that interlocks one another. We have several sizes available in apex and pent styles. Treating and painting tongue and groove is much easier than rough saw overlap boards. It to is more economical with treatment spreading over large areas without being absorbed by the timber.

Tongue & groove garden sheds mix strong sheet supplies with the ever reliable (and aesthetically pleasing) tongue and groove building.
Constructed to final, these backyard sheds look implausible too, fantastically crafted and completed to look at residence in essentially the most fashionable of outside areas.

Pressure Treated Wooden Sheds for Sale

Pressure treated wooden sheds for sale offer the lowest maintenance option, they have an anti rot agent pressure forced into the timber. They are guaranteed not to rot for up to 15 years. We have a super selection of pressure treated shed for you to choose from at great prices.

Pressure treated sheds may be the more expensive option, but they are guaranteed to last for years without any maintenance. If you want a shed that will stand up to anything during its lifetime of service and won’t require repairs or paint jobs every few months then pressure treated is the way forward!
The price tag on these buildings isn’t all bad either – it’s just a one-time purchase with no additional costs afterward.

Cheap Overlap Wooden Sheds

Cheap overlap wooden sheds are a cheap option if you are looking for a simple shed. Easy to assemble the overlap shed will provide adequate housing for lawnmowers, garden tools and other garden essentials. Having a rustic appearance with the rough sawn cladding can be very charming.

Wooden Sheds Corner Storage 


A corner garden shed is a perfect solution if space is limited, or you require additional area for a project to take shape in the back garden. Basically, a corner shed is completely square with one corner being chamfered off to be replaced with the entrance into the wooden building. Placed into a corner of the garden that will not infringe any space you mat require. Corner storage building can look amazingly effective plus extremely useful. There are several opyion available here at ASTONSHEDSUK to find the ideal shed you desire. I personally recommend a pressure treated variety to you if maintaining a shed on a regular basis is inconvenient to you.