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Wooden Sheds For Sale Online

Wooden sheds for sale for an easy way to shop with a super choice available. Astonshedsuk.com provide a great variety of wooden garden sheds for sale, offering affordable overlap cladding sheds that are good quality for simple storage of tools & Mowers.   Heavy duty shiplap versions providing a polished smooth finish at a higher standard.

Natural, Dip treted and pressure treated sheds that come with a 10 or 15 year anti rot guarantee are definatley worth considering to avoid regular maintenance.

Whatever your requirements you can be sure to find the wooden shed here at Aston Sheds Uk perfect for you.

Tongue and Groove Sheds

Tongue and groove wooden sheds are a better quality finish. Plained smooth cladding that interlocks one another. We have several sizes available in apex and pent styles. Treating and painting tongue and groove is much easier than rough saw overlap boards. It to is more ecconomical with treatment speading over large areas without being absorbed by the timber.

8 x 6 Tongue and Groove Sheds

* x 6 tongue and groove wooden sheds are the most common choice for a standard size garden. We have several options available in apex and pent roof designs.

10 x 8 Tongue and Groove Sheds

10 x 8 tongue and groove wooden sheds are the choice of most if you are looking for a larger garden shed. We offer  several options with the choice of dipped  or pressure treated sheds that have an anti rot warranty. Ideal for storing outdoor furniture over the winter period or use as a small workshop shed.

Pressure Treated Sheds

Pressure treated wooden garden sheds have an anti rot agent pressure forced into the timber. That are guaranteed not to rot for up to 15 years. We have a super selection of pressure treated shed for you to choose from at great prices.

Cheap Overlap Sheds

Cheap overlap wooden garden sheds are a cheap option if you are looking for a simple shed. Easy to assemble the overlap shed will provide adequate housing for lawnmowers, garden tools and other garden essentials. Having a rustic appearance with the rough sawn cladding can be very charming.

Apex Garden Sheds

Apex garden sheds are the most popular roof design that majority of people prefer. Gabled or apex roof has a steeper gradiant that water is forced to run off more quickly. The other advantange of an apex roof is the extra internal height giving great head height that allows moving around inside without fear of bumping your head.

Wooden Garden sheds That We Recommend

Wooden Sheds Online

Tongue & Groove Garden Sheds

Tongue & groove garden sheds mix strong sheet supplies with the ever-reliable (and aesthetically pleasing) tongue and groove building.

Constructed to final, these backyard sheds look implausible too, fantastically crafted and completed to take a look at residence in essentially the most fashionable of outside areas.

Choices on our tongue & groove vary embody double-door entrances for simple accessibility and glazed, opening home windows. In the meantime each single backyard shed within the vary is worth for cash.

Browse our vary of tongue & groove picket backyard sheds, and we’re assured you’ll discover a superior shed that completely fits your house, backyard and funds.

Quality Wooden Sheds

Quality wooden sheds made with tongue & groove provides a little more quality to your wooden garden shed. Lovely smooth finish that the cladding interlocks with each other so water can run off more easily.

This method of cladding is the most popular also being used to make summer houses and large wooden workshops alike. More expensive than overlap as quality and performance is higher.

We have stunning models in many sizes to select your favourite and most appropriate for your garden at really good prices.

Best Wooden Sheds for Sale

Best wooden sheds for sale from cheap overlap sheds that provide great value for money,to heavy duty pressure treated tongue and groove sheds built to last. To find your perfect garden shed just check out our list..

All wooden sheds need to be sealed as soon as possible after purchase. The reason being is wood is a natural material. Sealing the wood will prevent weathering and decay and prolong the life immensely.

Treated with preservative a shed will look fantastic and with annual maintenance will last for years.

6 x 8 Apex Tongue & Groove Tradesman Shed review

Waltons Groundsman Workshop Shed Review

Overlap Garden Sheds

Overlap garden sheds are the more cost effective or cheaper version of wooden garden sheds. Overlap is the cladding on the walls of the building and gives a rustic appearance.

When a quality wood preservative is applied can really look effective and very natural in a garden backdrop.

However, being quite a cheap form of woodshed it is still stable and very adequately performs as a shed is expected too. Overlap sheds provide good value for money and definitely worth considering if the budget is limited.

At ASTONSHEDSUK, we provide a sturdy and dependable vary of overlap wood backyard sheds.

Nonetheless low cost sheds when it comes to price ticket, these overlap wood sheds embrace an excellent vary of options – and are available in a variety of sizing choices.

Small Overlap Sheds

Small overlap sheds are constructed with ‘overlap cladding’, a well-loved type that sees panels overlapping one another to create that genuine wooden backyard storage shed look!.

Popular size small buildings are the 4 x 6 overlap shed or even smaller. That are cheap to buy and do the job, but above all have a gorgeous look that blends perfectly into the garden backdrop.

And, when you thought low cost sheds meant compromising on dimension, then suppose once more. The wood sheds in our overlap vary are a mean of 4 inches taller than our competitor’s backyard sheds – making them splendid for important storage.



In fact, there’s room in these low cost backyard sheds for you too, so that you’ll be glad that our overlap vary comes full with home windows for a bit of pure lighting.

Flooring come as commonplace too, when you can select from an array of choices comparable to double doorways to make your backyard storage that little bit simpler.

Discover our vary of overlap wood backyard sheds, or for added options and bigger dimensions try our vary of tongue & groove wood sheds.

Pressure treated wooden sheds

Pressure treated wooden sheds mean that an anti-rot fluid have been injected with high pressure jets to embed into the timber.

This process is executed before manufacturing commences and prevents the timber from rotting for at least 10 years. Maintenance is reduced considerably, but is more expensive that untreated woodsheds.

Wooden pressure treated garden sheds have a great natural looking appearance blending superbly in the garden. We have some awesome examples on offer for you to choose from come in apex and pent sloping roof options.

All popular sizes are available like 6 x 4 garden sheds and the slightly larger 8 x 6 shed plus plenty of other sizes extending to large workshop sheds. Great value for money and are well recommended.

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