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Modern Hanging Egg Chairs

A great range of highly rated patio hanging egg chairs that are sure to put a smile on your face. Designed for indoor & outdoor use to give enjoyment coupled with a gentle swaying motion for ultimate relaxation

Log Cabin Kits For Sale

Extremely versatile garden log cabins are professionally made and are used for a host of reasons. Create a home gymnasium or work at home in a garden office or make a super living area. A lifestyle enhanment in your own garden , how good is that!

Garden Greenhouses

Good range of greenhouse’s for all size gardens and budgets alike. From Polycarbonate to sleek wooden buildings, there is something here for every preference. Top brands provide excellent value all you need is to take a peak

Best Wooden Potting Sheds

See our posting sheds, gardeners will love this set up for increasing plant stock in the garden, Quality buildings at low prices.


A Wide Range Of
Essential Garden Tools

Quality top rated garden tools to tackle all those maintenance jobs you face keeping it as beautiful as possible. From creating a new garden to transforming a new garden you can find the perfect tools you will need.


The Best Lawnmowers Right Here.

Our fantastic selection of lawnmowers come in all powered varieties. Electric Best sellers, Battery Powered and motorized, you can be sure to find the perfect one you need.

Wooden Children’s Playhouse’s

Wooden Playhouse’ to suit ages ranging from 3-8 years old. Whether its a small playhouse for toddlers or a tower playhouse for the older children that some include a slide finding the ideal playhouse could  not be easier. Large families might prefer a two storey building to entertain a group of kiddies.

Garden Furniture To Dream Of

Gorgeous furniture designed for use outdoors, in our range includes:

Dining Sets, Sofas, Day beds, Clair’s, Sun Loungers and other fantastic items that look awesome. Made from Rattan, Wood and Metal including Aluminium. Built to last plus keeping there stunning appearance. Treat yourself today & order your favourite at incredible prices.

Best Wooden Sheds

Wooden sheds for sale at great prices, tongue & groove and overlap varieties to suit your garden storage needs. Large sheds that are suitable for garden workshops not forgeting small sheds perfect for restricted space in the backyard

Best Metal Sheds For Sale

Our metal storage sheds covers all the purposes you require. From cheap steel storage that are very handy for storing items safely and keeping them dry. Heavy duty security metal sheds to prevent expensive tools and gardening equipment from theft, aswell as real quality steel sheds from reputable brands.

Best Plastic Sheds

Plastic sheds for sale at gbargain prices, Polycarbonate, moulded resin and vinyl varieties to suit your garden storage needs. Larger Plastic sheds that are suitable for garden workshops, also small sheds perfect for limited space in the back garden

Frequently Asked Questions

The most people considering buying a garden building ask these questions before making their choice.

Is Apex or Pent Roof Better?


An Apex shed is easy to recognise with a traditional “V” shape. The main advantage over Pent sloping roof is it give more height inside. This is a useful advantage when storing tall items inside.

What is the best shed to buy?

Both wood and plastic sheds have pros and cons, woodsheds are notorious for rotting and a yearly maintenance is required to prevent rot occurring. Unlike wood plastic sheds are maintenance free, but can gather a lot of condensation inside if damp good are stored. Drying off items before storing is key with plastic sheds. Homeowner must choose better a natural or modern look along with maintenance to consider.

Do i need to get planning permission for a shed?

Planning is not required provide shed/greenhouse is used for domestic reasons only. The building must be in the boundries of the property and not be more than half the size of the property. Read more