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Value metal Sheds
Duramax Metal Sheds
Yardmaster Metal Sheds
Security Metal Sheds

Cheap Metal Garden Storage Sheds

Metal Sheds you are on the lookout for a cheap metal backyard shed then the Yardmaster range is good and is available in a variety of sizes.

In case your main focus is on garden storage then the Duramax variety of steel backyard sheds is available in quite a lot of colours, layouts and sizes to your requirements.

Many individuals select steel sheds instead of the the common wood ones as a result of they’re just offer more security plus being impenetrable for rodents. In case your finances will stretch to the Regent metal sheds you should have a useful backyard storage solution that will stand for years. Not a choice for people who want there storage shed to blend into the natural garden surroundings.

Metal Garden Sheds For Sale has a great range of metal sheds. Small simple small bike and tools metal lock ups to much large workshops ideal for big projects. Top security metal metal sheds designed to keep motor bikes, quadbikes and valuable tools safe. Double sliding doors and hinged single door versions made by reputable manufacturers especially chosen for you!.

Duramax Eco Metal Sheds

The Duramax Eco-Metal Sheds Edition is an perfect metal shed for cost aware shoppers without compromising space and robustness. Exremely popular for those who seek a metal option in outdoor sheds made in several sizes in the most demand.

Duramax is a reputable manufacturer of quality vinyl and metal storage solityons. Confidence can be assured seeing there brand label attached to products which are very resonabley priced

Top Security Metal Sheds

Also along with the mentioned cheap metal sheds above we have a completely different option available. Extra strong metal security sheds that contain air assisted hinges to cope with the weight of the doors give you an insight in how strong they are.Practically impregnable locking systems are widely use by cyclist and motorbike enthusiasts to keep there vehicles safe.

Makes include Timetals Titan range, Biohort  and the Duramax Palladium offer this unbelievably secure metal sheds. They are more expensive than standard models but is relatively cheap for the security they provide.Here at ASTONSHEDSUK you can see more of these fantastic super strong metal sheds.

Metal Garden Storage Sheds

Metal garden storage sheds are a good way to provide housing for garden tools, outdoor furniture and hobby gear like bycycles or fishing tackle on a budget.

Keeping your things organised safe and dry is priority and we have listed the best available here for you to choose from. In an array of sizes you can be sure to find the one perfect for your needs.

Some metal shed have sliding doors that is ideal for limited access were obsticle could hamper the opening of an hinged door.

Award Winning Titan Secure Sheds

Top recommended metal motorbike and bicycle storage in many enthusiast magazines. Timetable produce super storage for expensive goods and are a recognised quality brand that you can trust

Best Value Metal Sheds

Metal Garden Sheds Online

Duramax Metal Sheds

Duramax ECO 10×8 Metal Garden Shed

The Eco-Metal Series is an ideal metal shed for cost-conscious “consumers” without compromising durability and space.  All Eco-Metal Series walls are reinforced with steel roof truss and wall columns for more durability.  These metal sheds come in different size configurations to accommodate additional needed storage space of any home.


Yardmaster Metal Sheds

Best Metal Security Sheds

Metal sheds sold with the base

frame included make installation easier. A good example is the Dirty Pro Tools 8 x 6 but remember that a quality ply board of 18mm is fitted after installation.

Yardmaster metal storage sheds

are at the lower end when it comes to the price. They offer good value for money as a garden store facility. However, they can be tricky to install especially for novices at DIY.

Duramax Eco

Range are a very reliable choice with a bargain price attached. As a brand duramax make very good products also producing excellent plastic sheds too. For consumers the great catch is there low price and the qualty it provides.

Metal Sheds are A Great Choice

Metal sheds are very practical that require very little maintenance if any at all. Even some cheaper varieties come with sliding double doors that are perfect for hampered spots in the garden were an obstacle stops an hinged door from opening. Prices in comparisson are generally cheaper for steel storage for the garden than plastic or wooden versions.

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